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Math and Stat Profile

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John Chan

Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Degree Program: PhD

Martin E-8


Educational Background

MS, Applied Mathematics, University of Delaware, 2013
BS, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Selected Publications

Chan,F. Monk,P. "Time dependent electromagnetic scattering by a penetrable obstacle". Published.
Chan,F. Ngai,S. and Teplyaev,A. "One-dimensional wave equations defined by fractal Laplacians". Published

Recent Classes Taken

Math 8010 General Linear Hypothesis I
Math 8040
Statistical Inference
Math 8030
Stochastic Processes I
Math 8170
Stochastic Models In Operations Research I
Math 8820
Intro to Bayesian Statistics
Math 8650
Advanced Data Structures

Recent Classes Taught

Math 1020 Business Calculus
Math 1080 Calculus of One Variable II