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Math and Stat Profile

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Hemanta Kunwar

Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Degree Program: MS

Long Hall B14


Educational Background

MS, Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University, 2019
BS, Electrical Engineering, Tribhuvan University, 2016

Professional Research Interests

  • Scientific computing and numerical algorithms.

  • Space time domain decomposition methods.

  • Fluid-structure interaction, coupled problems, flow in poroelastic media.

  • Finite Element Analysis.

  • Partial differential equations and applications.

Selected Publications


Personal website:

Professional Honors and Awards

  • Michael Case Award 2020.

Recent Classes Taken

Computational mathematics courses: 
  • Introduction to scientific computing 
  • Advanced numerical analysis 
  • Finite Element Method 
  • Finite Difference Methods 
  • Finite Elements for Fluids 
  • High Performance FEM (Currently enrolled)
Analysis courses:
  • Linear Analysis 
  • Partial Differential Equations 
  • Measure and Integration 
  • Fourier Series 
  • Advanced Theories for PDEs (Currently enrolled) 
Some other courses:
  • Data Analysis 
  • Matrix Analysis 
  • Mathematical Programming 
  • Advanced Linear Programming 
  • Abstract Algebra I 
  • Probability

Recent Classes Taught

FAll 2018 : MTHS 1020 (Business Calculus) Section: 015 and 026
FAll 2019 : MTHS 1020 (Business Calculus) Section: 034 and 035