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Math and Stat Profile

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Kristen Savary

Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Degree Program: MS

Martin E-8


Educational Background

MS, Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University, 2019
BS, Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University, 2017

Professional Research Interests

Online Multicriteria Optimization


Professional Memberships


Professional Honors and Awards

Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Outstanding Graduate Citizenship Award (May 2019)

Recent Classes Taken

Spring 2021:
MATH 8030- Stochastics
CPSC 8400- Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Fall 2020:
MATH 8120- Discrete Optimization
MATH 8190- Multicriteria Optimization

Spring 2020:
MATH 8110- Nonlinear Programming
MATH 8610- Advanced Numerical Analysis

Fall 2019:
MATH 8580- Number Theory
MATH 9850- Advanced Blockchains

Spring 2019:
MATH 8130- Advanced Linear Programming
MATH 8220- Measure Theory
MATH 9850- Introduction to Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies

Fall 2018:
MATH 8100- Introduction to Linear Programming
MATH 9500- Commutative Algebra
MATH 9850- Algebraic Curves

Spring 2018:
MATH 8520- Abstract Algebra II
MATH 8600- Introduction to Scientific Computing
MATH 8560- Theory of Error-Correcting Codes
MATH 9850- Code Based Cryptography

Fall 2017:
MATH 8510- Abstract Algebra I
MATH 8210- Linear Analysis
MATH 9850- Coding for Distributed Storages

Spring 2017:
MATH 8530- Matrix Analysis
MATH 8050- Data Analysis

Fall 2016:
MATH 8000- Probability

Recent Classes Taught

-MATH 1010 (Fall 2020, Spring 2021)

Other Professional Activities

Association for Women in Mathematics, Clemson Chapter:
President (Current), Outreach Chair (Former)
IAS Women and Mathematics Ambassador