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Math and Stat Profile

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Marilyn Reba

Mathematical and Statistical Sciences


Educational Background

PhD, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
MS, Mathematics, Purdue University

Professional Research Interests

Technology in Teaching and Learning  (App Development with CS)
Online Education (Asynchronous and Hybrid)
Mathematics Education (Calculus and Preparation for Calculus)
Mathematical Games and Puzzles (Honors Course)
Graph Theory
Number Theory; Foundations of Mathematics (Mathematical Logic; Philosophy of Mathematics)


Selected Publications

TEXTBOOK:  Reba, M., Shier, D., Puzzles, Paradoxes, and Problem-Solving: Introduction to Mathematical Thinking, (2015), CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group), New York, NY. (ISBN: 978-1-4822-2753-6)

Reba, M. and Pargas, R.  â€œComputer Science and Mathematics Collaborating to Create New Educational Opportunities while Developing Interactive Calculus Apps.”  Papers from the18th International Conference  on Technology, Education, and Development. (Stockholm, Sweden), 30-35   (July 2016).

Reba, M., Pargas, R, Khan, T., Breazel, E., Viktorova, I., Desjardins, J. â€œUsing Biomedical Applications in Touch and Ink Mobile Apps to Engage and Retain Stem Students in Calculus,”  WIPTTE Monograph, 20-26, (2014).

Professional Memberships


Professional Honors and Awards

2008 Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and  Technology.  Clemson University.  Provost's Office & Faculty Selection Committee. 

1997 Purdue University Award for the Enhancement of Learning (Fort Wayne), 

NSF Grants (TUES, 2011; CCLI-II, 2008); HP Grants (2006-2009)

Recent Classes Taught

MATH 1060 - Hybrid
MATH 1080 - Hybrid
HON 2060
STAT 309
MATH 1010 -CT2
Summer Online Courses

Selected Talks

 Reba, M., Shier D.    Puzzles and Paradoxes: Engaging the Interests of Both the Willing and 
      Reluctant.”  MAAMathFest (Columbus, Ohio), (August, 2016).

 Reba, M., Burr, M.  â€œProblem-Solving, Self-Reflection, and Communication.” Joint Math Meetings,
     MAA/AMS, Seattle, WA(January 2016).

 Reba, M, Pargas, R, Burr, M., Guest, A.  â€œInteractive Instructional Apps for Specific Calculus Concepts.”
    Joint Math Meetings, MAA/AMS,Seattle, WA (January 2016).

 Reba, M., Burr, M.  “Mathematics Partnering with Computer Science to Provide Informal Learning 
    Opportunities.”  Joint Math Meetings, MAA/AMS, San Antonio, TX, (January 2015).

 Reba, M., Shier, D.  “Using Graph Representations to Solve Puzzles.”  Joint Math Meetings, MAA/AMS,  
    Baltimore, MD,  (January 2014).    

Other Professional Activities

AP Reader (Calculus)
CTIME (Committee for Technology in Mathematics Education) - MAA