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Math and Stat Profile

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Maddy St. Ville

Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Degree Program: MS

Long Hall B01


Educational Background

MS, Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University, 2018
BS, Mathematics Education, University of Alabama, 2016

Professional Research Interests

Survival data analysis, longitudinal studies, Bayesian methodology

Professional Memberships

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
Vice President of Clemson Chapter: 2017-2018

American Statistical Association (ASA)

Eastern North American Region of the International Biometric Society (ENAR)

Recent Classes Taken

Spring 2020
MATH 8060 (Nonparametric Statistics)
MATH 8610 (Advanced Numerical Analysis)

Fall 2019
MATH 9810 (Computer Experiments and Uncertainty Qualifications)
MATH 9880 (Machine Learning II)
MATH 8850 (Advanced Data Analysis)

Spring 2019
MATH 8130 (Advanced Linear Programming)
MATH 9810 (Machine Learning I)
MATH 8600 (Scientific Computing)

Fall 2018
MATH 8820 (Introduction to Bayesian Statistics)
MATH 8010 (General Linear Hypothesis I)
MATH 9700 (Directed Studies)

Spring 2018
MATH 8040 (Statistical Inference)
MATH 8090 (Time Series Analysis)
MATH 9700 (Statistical Consulting)
STAT 6020 (SAS Certification)

Fall 2017
MATH 8070 (Applied Multivariate Analysis)
MATH 8210 (Linear Analysis)
MATH 8840 (Statistics for Experimenters)

Recent Classes Taught

Spring 2020
STAT 3090 (Introductory Business Statistics)

Fall 2018
MATH 2070 (Business Calculus II)

Spring 2018
MATH 2070 (Business Calculus II)

Fall 2017
MATH 1020 (Business Calculus I)