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Douglas Shier

Mathematical and Statistical Sciences


Educational Background

PhD, Operations Research, London School of Economics, 1973
AB, Applied Mathematics, Harvard University, 1968

Professional Research Interests

Discrete mathematics

Selected Publications

On the distributed Bellman-Ford algorithm and the looping problem, INFORMS J. Computing 19 (2007), 542-551. With K. R. Hutson and T. L. Schlosser.
Computational issues in network reliability, Encyclopedia of Statistics in Quality and Reliability, Wiley, 2008. With C. J. Colbourn.
Extended domination for a stochastic shortest path problem, Computers and Operations Research 36 (2009), 584-596. With K. R. Hutson.
Generating random test networks for shortest path algorithms, Operations Research and Cyber-Infrastructure, J. Chinneck et al. (eds.), Springer, 2009, pp. 295-308. With D. Adams-Smith.


Professional Memberships


Selected Talks

Generating random test networks: A cautionary tale, ICS Conference, Charleston, SC, 2009
Optimization models for the design of spatially compact ecological reserves, INFORMS Regional Conference, Huntsville, AL, 2010
Quantitative approaches to ranking athletic teams, Louisiana Tech, Department of Marketing & Analysis, 2010
Teaching OR principles through puzzles and paradoxes, INFORMS, Austin, TX, 2010
Stochastic networks, Winter School on Network Optimization, Estoril, Portugal, 2011

Other Professional Activities

Associate Editor, INFORMS Journal on Computing (1992-1999)
Associate Editor, Management Science (2003-2008)
Editor-in-Chief, Networks (1999-present)
INFORMS Speaker Program (2003-present)