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Math and Stat Profile

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Seyed Hamid Nazari

Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Degree Program: MS

Martin E-3


Educational Background

MS, Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University, 2020
MS, Mathematics, Iran University of Science and Technology, 2012

Professional Research Interests

Nonlinear optimization, discrete optimization, big data, algorithm design

Selected Publications

Recent Classes Taken

MATH 8100, Mathematical programming
MATH 8110, Nonlinear Programming
MATH 8130, Advanced Linear Programming
MATH 9880, Big Data Optimization
MATH 8120, Discrete Optimization
MATH 9880, Conic Programming
MATH 8140, Network Flow Programming
MATH 8650, Data Structure
MATH 8050, Data Analysis
MATH 8850, Advanced Data Analysis

Recent Classes Taught

MATH 3020, Stat for Science and Engineering (Spring 2020)

Other Professional Activities

Programming in MATLAB
Programming in Python
Programming in R