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Community and Ethical Standards

Hazing Policy

Clemson University's Values are Integrity, Respect, Diversity, Patriotism, Excellence, and Self- Reliance and any act of hazing is not consistent with these values. Therefore, all Clemson University community members/organizations are expected to refrain from hazing. (See Clemson University Student Code of Conduct, Section V.A.16).

Hazing is any situation created or action taken – for the purpose of initiation, admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in an organization – which meets one or more of the criteria below. Hazing can be intentional or unintentional, and can occur with or without consent. Hazing is also any act that meets the definition of hazing contained in South Carolina Code of Laws section 59-101-200.

Situations/actions that constitute hazing are:

  • Negligent or reckless in nature; or

  • Potentially harmful to

    • Physical safety/health

    • Psychological well-being

    • Opportunities for Academic Success; or

  • Not reflective of the University's mission, purpose or values.

Such activities and situations may include, but are not limited to:

  • paddling;

  • physical or psychological shocks;

  • forced (whether explicit or implicit) consumption of food, water, alcohol or drugs;

  • kidnapping or abandonment;

  • line-ups and berating;

  • morally degrading behavior;

  • any form of personal servitude;

  • forced (whether explicit or implicit) wearing, publicly or privately, of inappropriate costumes;

  • interference with academic pursuits; or

  • forced (whether explicit or implicit) participation in activities that are illegal, or violate University policy.

Any member of the University community, including a victim, participant, or witness, with knowledge of hazing shall report the hazing to the Office of Community and Ethical Standards or Clemson University Police.

Approved: Fall 2012

Contact: Office of Community and Ethical Standards, 912 University Union, 864-656-0510.

Office of Community and Ethical Standards
Office of Community and Ethical Standards