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Pam Hendrix Center for Education Abroad

Financing Your Experience

Studying abroad does not have to break the bank! The Pam Hendrix Center for Education Abroad works to provide affordable programs to Clemson University students.

Develop a Budget

In addition to researching program options and finding the right academic fit for your time abroad, it is important to plan ahead financially for your study abroad program.

Studying abroad can be affordable and comparable to Clemson’s regular in-state tuition and housing. However, the cost of a program varies significantly based on location, duration,  provider, and extra-curricular components. Once you have goals for your experience, our office can assist you in comparing your financial options.

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Financial Aid

If you receive financial aid at Clemson University, this aid may be able to assist in covering the costs related to a study abroad experience. Students need to discuss their specific financial aid package with the Financial Aid office. Important items to be aware of as you plan your experience:

  • Aid disbursement - Financial aid is disbursed based on your program start date. Therefore, for some programs, payments or deferments may need to be arranged until your financial aid has been released.
  • Summer financial aid - if you are hoping to use your aid for a summer program, please check with your financial aid counselor to determine if you have used your full financial aid allocation during the regular school year. This may mean that there is no aid remaining to assist with summer tuition payments.
  • Delinquent payments - Departments within the University have the option to transfer delinquent, uncollected accounts to Student Financial Services to be placed on your iROAR account. These payments would be covered by our financial aid upon disbursement, so please ensure you are planning ahead.

Study Abroad Fee

All participants in third-party and direct enrollment programs will be assessed a study abroad fee. This fee contributes to the provision of services offered by the Office of Global Engagement and covers advising, registration, credit transfer evaluation, pre-departure orientations, record review and maintenance, support and contact while abroad, etc. Please review your program brochure page to determine the amount of the study abroad fee that you will be assessed for your program.