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Pam Hendrix Center for Education Abroad

Study Abroad Program Options

Please see the list of approved programs.

Types of Programs

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs involve reciprocal movement of students between two partner institutions. This could be a student-to-student exchange, or a specified number of incoming students may be accepted per outgoing student.

  • Students apply through the Pam Hendrix Center for Education Abroad to participate in an exchange with one of our partner universities.
  • Once nominated, the student will receive an email with instructions to access the host university’s online application and choose courses as part of this process.
  • The Clemson student pays Clemson in-state tuition and fees, exchange fee, and the study abroad fee to Clemson University and other costs (i.e., housing) to the host university.
  • During your experience, you will be immersed with local students and supported by the host university staff.

Please note, credit values vary from country to country, and course credits abroad do not always equal a three or four credit course at Clemson. Students who are transferring credits from a foreign institution should consult the study abroad conversion document for information about credit transfer from their host university. Please discuss any questions with your study abroad coordinator.

Deadlines for Exchange Programs

Fall or Full Year: March 1 – Firm.
Spring: October 1 – Firm.

Faculty-Directed Programs

Faculty-Directed programs are study abroad experiences developed by Clemson faculty members. These programs help students see possible international opportunities available to them based on their major or future career interests.

  • Students submit an online advising application to participate in a specific faculty-directed program. You will be required to submit a non-refundable application fee.
  • Each program recruits and accepts students in separate ways and at different rates. You will be notified of your application status through your online application. If you have not heard back regarding your acceptance several weeks after the program deadline, contact the faculty leader directly to follow up.
  • You will pay Clemson in-state tuition and fees, housing and the study abroad fee to Clemson University. In some instances, students may be required to pay a program deposit once they have been accepted to the program of their choice.
    • International insurance coverage through CISI (Cultural Insurance Services International) is included in your program fee and purchased on your behalf.
  • During your experience, you will be studying among Clemson peers with Clemson University oversight. You will receive Clemson credit for the courses taken while abroad.

Deadlines for Faculty-Directed Programs

Fall or Full Year: March 1*
Spring: October 1*

*Typical deadlines – check program page for specific date

Approved Third-Party Programs

The Pam Hendrix Center for Education Abroad maintains a list of approved providers and only those come up in our search engine. We make individual recommendations based on each student’s needs and interests.

  • Students must complete the Clemson advising application and the application to their choice of program.
  • You will pay a study abroad fee to Clemson University. Tuition and all other fees will be paid to the program provider or the host university. Some programs coordinate homestays with host families for summer or semester programs; others house students in dormitories or local apartments. If this is a priority for you, your study abroad coordinator can help you find programs for your preferred accommodation style. Some providers offer internships as part of a study abroad program and others coordinate separate volunteer or internship programs. Search for “Internship” on our Program Search page. During your experience, you may study among US students or local students and be supported by dedicated on-site staff.

Deadlines for Approved Third-Party Programs

Deadlines vary by provider - check your program’s website.