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Automobiles and Fleets

Fleet Safety Program (Driver Improvement Program, DIP)

Clemson University has adopted the South Carolina Fleet Safety Program established by the South Carolina Department of Administration. This program applies to all employees who operate Clemson University vehicles to perform their job duties.

The program requirements are:

  1. Provide eight segments of Defensive Driving Courses (DDC-8) and four segments of Refresher Courses (DDC-4) every three years for all Clemson University employees that will operate a state vehicle to perform their job duties. Completion of the DDC-8 will entitle a certificate holder to receive up to four points credit on his/her driving record. New employees or reassigned employees who fit any of the following categories must attend the full eight segments of courses within 90 days of employment, and then complete a four-hour recertification every third year thereafter:
    1. a. Employees who operate a state-owned vehicle as part of their job duties.
    2. b. Employees at fault in state vehicle accidents.
    3. c. Employees whose motor vehicle record shows nine or more violation points, two state vehicle accidents or three total vehicle accidents.
  2. Establish an Accident Review Board to review all accidents involving Clemson University vehicles. South Carolina Code of Law 1-11-141 sets forth when employees may be held liable to their agency for the cost of accident repairs.
  3. Screen motor vehicle records of all employees annually who routinely drive state vehicles in their position or who have the occasion to drive state vehicles.

Register for a Driver Improvement Program Class

For online classes:
Please follow the link to complete the enrollment form.

If you need assistance, contact Risk Services at 864-656-0193 or email at

For in person classes:
Call Risk Services & Insurance at 864-656-0193 or email for next scheduled class.