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Automobiles and Fleets

Automobile Liability Insurance Card

INSURER: State Fiscal Accountability Authority
Office of Insurance Reserve Fund (IRF)
1201 Main Street, Suite 500
Columbia, SC  29201

INSURED: Clemson University
Office of Risk Services & Insurance
391 College Avenue, Suite 202
Clemson, SC 29634-5339
Phone:  864-656-3354 

ADJUSTER: 1-800-713-2205
American Southern Insurance Company
1709 Devonshire Drive
Columbia, SC 29204

Policy Number Effective Date Expiration Date
L120020024 7/01/2023 7/01/2024

This card must be kept in the insured vehicle and presented to a police officer upon demand. All vehicles owned or borrowed by the insured are covered.

In case of accident, obtain all available information such as names of people involved, date, time and location of accident, witnesses, etc.