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Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business

Profile Information

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M Gabriela Sava

Assistant Professor
CUSHR Faculty Scholar

Office: 409D Wilbur O. and Ann Powers Hall


 Educational Background

    Ph.D. Business Analytics and Operations
    University of Pittsburgh 2016

    B.A. Communication Sciences
    University of Bucharest 2009

    B.S. Economic Cybernetics
    Bucharest University of Economic Studies 2008

Courses Taught

  • MGT 3100 - Intermediate Business Statistics
  • MBA 8030 - Statistical Analysis of Business Operations (face-to-face & online)
  • MBA 8590 - Managerial Decision Modeling (face-to-face & online)


M. Gabriela Sava is an assistant professor in the Department of Management in the Wilbur O and Ann Powers College of Business at Clemson University. Her research is focused on all aspects of healthcare analytics, particularly the application of decision models to problems associated with preventive healthcare services. As healthcare providers shift their focus from treatment to prevention, the preventive healthcare services area offers a variety of opportunities for study from an analytical perspective. A better understanding of the field could help in the design of improved preventive healthcare services and policies that would be simultaneously patient-centered, personalized, and cost-efficient. Gabriela is the Winner of the 2020 INFORMS MCDM Junior Researcher Best Paper Award and of the 2021 Graduate Teaching Excellence Award from Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business. Gabriela was awarded the 2017 One-year Accelerate(OYA) grant from Clemson University, the 2018 Transformative Research Seed Grant, Greenville Health System, Health Sciences Center and the 2020 Summer Research grant from Clemson University. Gabriela is a member of INFORMS, DSI, POMS, IISE, SMDM and she is a reviewer for Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis and IISE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering.

Research Interests

  • Healthcare analytics; Healthcare operations management; Medical decision-making; Multi-criteria decision-making; Theoretical development of Analytic Hierarchy Process/Analytic Network Process (AHP/ANP) models

Research Publications

  • Sava, M. Gabriela, Alia Stanciu, James G. Dolan, Jerrold H. May, Luis G. Vargas (2021) "Implications of the stability analysis of preferences for personalized colorectal cancer screening." Forthcoming in Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis,
  • Sava, M. Gabriela, Jerrold H. May, Jennifer Shang, Luis G. Vargas, James G. Dolani (2021) “A unified framework for preventive healthcare service design: patient-physician collaboration.” Journal of the Operational Research Society,
  • Sava, M. Gabriela, Ronald G. Pirrallo, Brian Helsel, Jingyuan Tian, Patricia Carbajales-Dale, Kuang-Ching Wang, John Bruch, Ronald W. Gimbel (2020) "Diabetes Patient Surveillance in the Emergency Department: Proof of Concept and Opportunities", Western Journal of Emergency Medicine,
  • Sava, M. Gabriela, Luis G. Vargas, Jerrold H. May, James G. Dolan (2020) “Multi-dimensional stability analysis for Analytic Network Process models.” Annals of Operations Research,
  • Sava, M. Gabriela, Luis G. Vargas, Jerrold H. May, James G. Dolan (2020) “An analysis of the sensitivity and stability of patients’ preferences can lead to more appropriate medical decisions.” Annals of Operations Research. 293(2):863-901.
  • Sava, M. Gabriela, James G. Dolan, Jerrold H. May, Luis G. Vargas (2018) “A personalized approach of the patient-healthcare communication regarding the colorectal cancer screening options.” Medical Decision Making. 38(5):601-613.
  • Fratto, Victoria, M. Gabriela Sava, Gregory Krivacek (2016) “The impact of an online homework management system on student performance and course satisfaction in introductory financial accounting.” International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education. 12(3):76-87.
  • Stancu, Stelian, Maria Stanciu, Marilena Stancu, M. Gabriela Sava (2007) “The study of indicators of the economic growth at the level of Romanian economy.” Manager Journal. 5(1):37-44.


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