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Department of Management

Management Information Systems

The Bachelor of Science degree in Management prepares students for careers as professional managers in corporations, governmental organizations and small businesses. In addition, the program provides a foundation for graduates who wish to pursue advanced degrees in business and public administration, law and the social sciences. The curriculum gives students a broad exposure to the functional areas of business and allows each to select an emphasis area in a subject that is germane to individual career interests. The Management curriculum provides an examination of the social, legal, political and economic environments in which organizations must operate; an understanding of the functional areas of business and their interrelationships; and a knowledge of behavioral science, applied statistics, and mathematics as they relate to organizational problem-solving. The program is accredited by AACSB International.

The Department of Management offers a Bachelor of Science degree that allows students to choose from one of eight different emphasis areas.

Focus on information systems concepts and their applications in business.

In layman's terms, Management and Information Systems (MIS) is a solid mixture of the business and computer science programs. Because it's a mix of majors, you'll take classes from multiple areas including computer science, management, communications, engineering and other business-related classes. I came to Clemson without knowing what I wanted to be when I grow up, so I chose to try the engineering program because that's my dad's profession. I ended up switching from Computer Engineering to MIS because the business aspect of the major offered more opportunities to make my own career instead of working for a company. With my degree, I hope to one day own my own record company, but the market for MIS majors is already gargantuan and continuously growing with the development of new technologies. No matter what industry you want to work in, every company needs the skills of MIS majors to succeed. - Christopher Cassidy

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Department of Management
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