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Study Abroad in Europe

Spring Break in Europe: Rome

The main objective of the international investment course is to introduce students to investments and to teach them how to create a well-diversified investment portfolio, which should include diversification into international stocks. When considering international stocks to buy for their portfolios, students need to consider the state of the economy of that country and the policies that they have in place. Understanding the culture, customs, and etiquette also gives a perspective on how the Italian markets can react in different states of economy. During the visit to Rome, students will meet with management teams of Italian corporations and will learn, firsthand, how business policies and Italian government laws impact the organization's operations, and ultimately the stock price.


MBA 8990 International Investments (3 credit hours): Possible visits include Pallini SpA, Gambero Rosso, Italian Stock Exchange, and more.


The trip is part of a full Spring semester course. Students will travel to Rome as part of their course requirement during Spring Break, March 16 – 23rd, 2019.

Spring Break in Europe - Clemson MBA


Rome, Italy


$1,289 program fee*. The program fee covers lodging, company visits, and excursions while in Rome, it does not include airfare or food. The $189 study abroad fee is embedded in the program fee.

* Subject to change based on total student enrollment and exchange rate.

Application Deadline is November 9, 2018. Apply to study abroad in Europe.

For more information, please contact Jane Layton.