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Study Abroad in Europe

Spring Break in Europe: Munich and Prague

The overarching purpose of Global Business Transactions is to prepare students to meet the challenges and opportunities they can expect to encounter as managers of private and public businesses participating in the global economy.


MBA 8990 Global Business Transactions: The course will compare and contrast typical U.S. business aspects with those encountered when foreign jurisdictions are involved. The class will also discuss often overlooked areas, such as cultural differences, legal differences, ethical differences, U.S. regulatory regimes, and foreign regulatory regimes, which can have a significant impact on businesses as they push growth internationally.

  • One week abroad during Spring Break built in as part of MBA 8990 Global Business Transactions course requirement
  • Class will meet weekly at Greenville ONE throughout the full Spring semester (with the exception of the week in Europe)
  • Students will have business visits in each city – Munich, Germany and Prague, Czech Republic
  • Free time for cultural exploration in each city


Students will travel to Europe during Spring Break: March 17th – March 24th. The class will meet weekly during the full Spring 2018 semester.

Spring Break in Europe - Clemson MBA


Global Business Transactions focuses on issues frequently encountered in cross-border business transactions and is designed to help students develop the managerial capability of international astuteness. International astuteness allows managers to effectively engage in typical business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances, intellectual property licensing, capital investments, and labor and employment, across multiple countries.


$1,200 program fee (plus tuition and airfare). Includes hotel, logistic transportation between countries, breakfast, and company visits.

Application Deadline is December 1, 2017. CLICK HERE TO APPLY.

For more information, please contact Jane Layton.