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College of Architecture, Art and Construction

Program Enrichment Fee

School of Design and Building


Architecture, construction science and management, and landscape architecture are rapidly evolving, technologically intensive fields. To be successful in their professions, students in these disciplines must engage with forward-looking design educators and emerging technologies.

The Undergraduate Program Enrichment Fee will benefit Clemson design and building students by facilitating significant educational experiences and expanding access to the resources and tools they most require.

Fee Allocation and Benefits

At the beginning of each academic year, leaders in each department allocate the funds that are generated by the Undergraduate Program Enrichment Fee. All expenditures from the fund directly benefit student learning and engagement. In other words, these funds are focused on student success through:

  • Reduced student-to-faculty ratios
  • Visiting lecturers, critics and designers-in-residence
  • Expanded access to the most current digital design, fabrication and visualization tools
  • Smaller, more personal classes
  • Increased opportunities for professional development and related domestic travel
  • Increased access to internships

Fee Assessment

The $750 fee ($63/credit hour), which shows up on invoices as the Design/Build Program Fee is assessed at the beginning of each semester to all undergraduate students in architecture, construction science and management, and landscape architecture.


James M. Burns, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies 
101 Strode Tower | (864) 656-3879

College of Architecture, Art and Construction
College of Architecture, Art and Construction | Lee 1-151, Clemson, SC 29634