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Outstanding in Their Field

CAFLS Awards

Greg Yarrow acting dean

“The faculty, staff, and students of CAFLS and PSA achieve incredible impacts every day, but each year a few go above and beyond. Our faculty and staff award winners embody our Land Grant mission, making extraordinary contributions to teaching, research, and Extension across agricultural, animal, food, packaging, and natural sciences. And our student awards honor academic and leadership achievements by our college’s undergraduate students, graduate students, and student organizations. I am grateful we can honor their achievements, and I am proud of their choice to call CAFLS and PSA home. ”

Greg Yarrow
Acting Dean

College & PSA

These awards reflect the entirety of the College’s workforce across teaching, research and Extension identifying those employees who step up, going beyond their everyday roles to make exceptional contributions to our mission.

Student Recognition

These students have demonstrated the highest levels of academic excellence and leadership in very rigorous programs. Congratulations to each one of them for their accomplishments.


The Godley-Snell Award is the largest annual agricultural research award given at the university and is allocated from earnings of a fund that was first established upon Dr. Godley’s retirement in 1986, and was increased in 1988 when Dr. Snell retired.

Rowland P. Alston

The Rowland P. Alston, Sr., ’42 Award for Excellence in Public Relations recognizes outstanding Clemson University faculty or staff who have provided Clemson University with positive visibility throughout South Carolina, the United States, and the world.

College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences
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