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To minimize health and safety risks of COVID-19, all facilities are closed and on-campus programming is canceled until further notice.
For updates and virtual programming information during COVID-19, please visit https://www.clemson.edu/coronavirus/health-wellness/recreation.html.


Campus Recreation is currently working with members of the Emergency Operation Center on a framework for a phased approach of reopening our facilities which meets South Carolina and University guidelines, and ensures the safest environment possible for our participants. At this time, all campus recreation facilities including Fike Recreation Center along with the Outdoor Fitness Rig and Sundeck, Douthit Hills Fitness Center, Lightsey Club Sports Fields, and the Snow Family Outdoor Fitness and Wellness Complex will remain closed. We will reach out to our participants with our reopening plans at a later time.

If you have questions concerning your membership or locker rental, please contact Victoria Roberts at vrober1@clemson.edu.


  • All members must sign their digital membership form which indicates they have read and agree to the Assumption of Risk and Release from Liability statement.

  • Members under the age of 18 must additionally have a parent/legal guardian sign their membership form as consent.

  • Members and guests must be at least 18 years of age to enter Swann Fitness Center without an adult 18 years of age or older. Patrons 15 years old and younger must have direct adult supervision at all times in all facility areas.

  • Any individual age 5 years or older is required to have a membership or be a sponsored guest to access Swann Fitness Center.

  • Family memberships are valid for one member, their spouse, and any dependents under the age of 18 and living in the home. Dependents age 18 or older do not qualify to be part of a family membership and must purchase their own membership

  • Membership pricing is subject to change.

  • Membership fees are non–refundable and non–transferable.

Guests of Members

  • Guest passes entitle non-members to one time access to Swann Fitness Center and all group fitness classes.

  • All guests must be sponsored by a current Fike member who is present at the time of purchasing the guest pass. The sponsoring member assumes full responsibility for all actions and behaviors of their guest(s) and must accompany them at all times while in Swann Fitness Center.

  • A member may sponsor a maximum of three guests per day.

  • Guests must be at least 18 years of age to enter Swann Fitness Center without an adult 18 years of age or older. Patrons 15 years old and younger must have direct adult supervision at all times in all facility areas.

  • Guest passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Day-Use Lockers (indicated by dark blue stickers on the front of the lockers)

  • Day–use lockers are located:

  • The front of the fitness atrium along the wall between the club gym and the main basketball gyms.

  • In the back hallway by the climbing wall

  • In the main basketball gym.

  • The men's locker room (376-385)

  • The women's locker room (235-244)

    • Locks are not provided for day-use locker but can be purchased at the welcome center.

    • All locks, personal gear and other valuables must be removed from lockers on the day of use prior to Fike closing. Locks left on day-use lockers at the end of the day will be removed by Campus Recreation Staff.

    • Campus recreation is not responsible for personal items that are lost as a result of theft or that have been removed by Campus Recreation Staff from lockers that were not emptied by close of the facility.

Lost and Found

  • The Department of Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Inquiries regarding lost items may be made at the Welcome Center Desk in the Fike Recreation Center. Patrons are not allowed to search through lost items. For health reasons, toiletries and undergarments will be discarded immediately, and all other articles of clothing will be discarded after 48 hours.

Equipment Check-Out

  • Fike Recreation Center offers the opportunity to check out several types of athletic equipment such as stability balls, softballs and basketballs. The equipment is designated for use in Fike Recreation Center or any other Campus Recreation facility. It is to be returned after use and not be kept overnight. A charge will be assessed for lost, damaged or non-returned equipment.

Refunds and Cancellations

  • All memberships and guest passes are non-refundable and non–transferable.

  • Refund requests may be made and considered on a case-by-case basis.

    • Requests are NOT a guarantee of refund.

    • Requester will be emailed with either confirmation or denial of their refund request.

  • Employee memberships that are being paid for through payroll deduction may be canceled at any time. To cancel a payroll deduction membership you will need to fill out a new payroll deduction form at the Welcome Center in Fike Recreation Center.


  • Campus Recreation has the right to suspend or terminate membership for violations of Campus Recreation policies and procedures, or actions which violate federal, state, or local laws.

  • All Clemson University students must abide by the Clemson University Student Code of Conduct. Consequences of violations may include suspension or termination of Fike access privileges and referral to Judicial Affairs.

Facility Closures

Campus Recreation reserves the right to close all or part of our facilities at any time without advanced notification. Campus Recreation facilities may be closed and/or restricted due to special events, scheduled cleanings, maintenance, or unforeseen circumstances. All Campus Recreation facilities close in accordance with all University Holidays and home football games, unless otherwise denoted on the Campus Recreation "What's Happening Now" page. Scheduled closures will be posted on the " What's Happening Now" page of the Campus Recreation website.

Questions or Concerns?

Please email us at: welcomecenter@clemson.edu or give us a call at: 864-656-3453

For a complete list of all Campus Recreation Policies and Procedures please visit the Policies and Procedures page.

Memberships and Facility Access

  • I forgot my CUID card, can I still get in to Fike Recreation Center or Douthit Hills Fitness Center?
    Yes. Members can be looked up manually and are allowed 3 forgotten card violations per semester across both Fike Recreation Center and Douthit Hills Fitness Center.

  • I am a part time student, co-opping, or not taking classes this semester, can I still go to Fike Recreation Center or Douthit Hills Fitness Center?
    Part-time students, students who are co-opping or taking a semester off may purchase a semester long student membership in person at Fike Recreation Center or online at www.clemsoncampusrec.com. These membership fees are the same as the fees you would have paid with your tuition.

  • I'm not ready to commit to a 6 or 12 month contract, are there any short term memberships for alumni, community members, or employees?
    Campus Recreation only offers 6 and 12 month membership durations.

  • I would like to bring a guest to Fike Recreation Center or Douthit Hills Fitness Center, can I do that?
    Guests are permitted only at Fike Recreation Center. Each member can sponsor up to three guests per day for a fee and must accompany their guest at all times while in the facility. Facility area age restrictions do apply.

  • Is there a fee to bring a guest to Fike Recreation Center?
    Yes, Guest passes are $3 per person before 11 a.m. and $6 per person after 11 a.m.

Fike Recreation Center Facility Information

  • How many laps on the track equal a mile?
    Our indoor track is 1/10 of a mile – you must run ten laps to equal one mile.

  • You told me I cannot have my gym bag on the floor with me, what do I do?
    We have day use lockers that are available on a first come first served basis. When using a day locker at Fike Recreation Center the member need only to bring their own lock. If you do not have your own lock, combination locks are available for purchase at the welcome center. All locks and personal belongings must be removed from day use lockers by closing that day.

  • Where are the day use lockers located?
    There are day use lockers located at the front of the fitness atrium along the wall between the club gym and the main basketball gyms. There are also day use lockers in the back hallway by the climbing wall as well as in the main basketball gym. There are a limited number of full-sized day use lockers in each of the men's (376-385) and women's (235-244) locker rooms as well.

  • What is the price to rent a locker for a day?
    Day use lockers are free for all members.

  • Is there a pool at Fike Recreation Center?
    Yes, The McHugh Natatorium is home to an eight-lane 25-yard lap pool. The lap pool is available for use by all Campus Recreation members. Please refer to our Facility Hours page for a list of open swim hours.

  • Can I go off the diving boards/platform?
    No, due to safety concerns both the dive platform and spring boards are permanently closed.

  • How do I reserve a space in Fike Recreation Center for an event?
    For all information on reservations and rentals please visit the Facility Reservations webpage.

  • Do you have a lost and found?
    Yes, all items found at Fike Recreation Center or on the intramural fields and club fields will be held for no more than two weeks at the Fike Recreation Center welcome desk. Items found at the Douthit Hills Fitness Center will be held for no more than two weeks at the welcome desk there.

  • How tall is your climbing wall?
    The climbing wall is 30 feet high.

  • I want to go climbing at the wall, do I need to bring my own equipment?
    Nope! We have all the necessary equipment available for checkout at the climbing wall but you can bring your own to use if you would like. Please refer to our Facility Hours page for a list of all times that the climbing wall is open.


  • Is parking included in my membership?
    No, the fees for a parking pass are paid separately through Parking and Transportation services.

  • Where do I go to get a Fike parking pass?
    You will have to go to the Parking and Transportation services office located on the first floor of the Edgar Brown Union Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. excluding University holidays.

  • Where can I park with a Fike parking pass?
    With a Fike parking pass you can park in any orange commuter spaces along the Avenue of Champions, Williamson Rd, Lot C-07 and Lot C-09. You can also park in any of the metered (white spaces) subject to the posted time limit and fees from 7-2 a.m.

Free Check-out Equipment

  • What equipment do you have to rent at the welcome center?
    Badminton equipment, racquetball equipment, tennis equipment, jump ropes, resistance bands, basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, and yoga mats.

  • This isn't the same basketball I checked out; can I check this one in anyways?
    You are responsible for any equipment that YOU check out. If the equipment you checked out is lost or stolen a replacement fee will be assessed. All fees must be settled before you will be allowed access back into Fike Recreation Center or Douthit Hills Fitness Center.

  • Can you set up volleyball/badminton/table tennis/indoor soccer equipment for me?
    We do have nets, goals, and table tennis tables that we can set up provided the space is not already reserved. All room reservations take precedence over drop-in play. There are also designated open recreation times for different sports throughout the semester.

Fitness and Wellness

  • Are group fitness classes included in my membership?
    Group fitness classes are free to all Campus Recreation members but our F45 classes do have additional fees.

  • Where can I find a list of group fitness classes?
    You can print a copy of the most up-to-date group fitness class schedule at the group fitness website.

  • Does Campus Recreation offer personal training services?
    Yes, Campus Recreation’s certified personal trainers offer individual and small group comprehensive exercise programs designed to meet the goals of their clients. You can find more information on our Personal Training program at the personal training page.

  • If I have a personal trainer from another gym can I bring them to Fike Recreation Center to train me?
    No. it is against our policy for non-campus recreation trainers to train clients in our facilities.

  • Does Campus Recreation provide nutrition services?
    No, we do not offer nutrition services at this time.

Intramural Sports

  • How do I register for intramurals?
    Registration for all sport seasons, tournaments, and events will take place via the IMLeagues website. Specific registration dates are posted on the Intramural Sports page.

  • Can you turn the lights on the intramural fields on?
    The lights on the lower intramural fields are on until 10 p.m. Monday-Friday only. Lights will be programmed to stay on for special events/reservations that take place on the fields as well. Nightly requests cannot be accommodated.

In the event of hazardous weather conditions and emergencies, Fike Recreation Center will adhere to the following policies:

  • Fike Recreation Center will either close with the University, or follow shortened hours of operation: 8 a.m.–9 p.m.
    These hours are subject to change according to the current weather and road conditions that exist.

  • Please check the What's Happening Now page, call the Fike Recreation Center Front Desk 864-656-3453, call the University Hazardous Weather Hot line 864-656-3311, visit the University Weather, and visit the  University Hazardous Weather for the latest updates.

  • For the latest local, regional and national weather conditions, please visit the National Weather Service web site: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/.

  • All programming activities will be canceled. These include all fitness, intramural, club, and climbing wall activities.

  • All facility rentals will be canceled. Please email scheduling@g.clemson.edu or call 864-656-1140 to reschedule your event.

  • The natatorium/pool will be closed.

  • Some hazardous weather conditions should prevent you from venturing outside, i.e., tornados, earthquakes, snow storms, ice storms, high winds, lightning, etc. Please be aware of your surroundings and please don't jeopardize your safety!

  • If you have any questions, please call 864-656-3453 for more information and the latest updates.

Thank you and please be safe!