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To minimize health and safety risks of COVID-19, all facilities are closed and programming is canceled until further notice.

Walks & Races at Clemson

5ks at Clemson

Welcome to the home of Clemson's on-campus walks and races!

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Want to host a walk or race in Clemson?

Step 1: Submit the online Walks & Races Application Form.

Step 2: Consideration will be made after the following dates:

  • No sooner than April 1 for fall race requests

  • No sooner than September 1 for spring race requests (*dates for the Dikes Route may have a delayed approval time due to the logistics of working around other on-campus activities and roads that the race will affect).


  1. It is our goal to host 2-3 races per semester: if multiple groups want the same race date and meet all guidelines, then it’s first come first serve or you may work together.  *See below for information on race dates.

  2. Must submit application at least 3 months prior to race date.

  3. Event must occur on pre–approved campus courses, or will not be supported by Campus Recreation.

  4. Events must use Race Roster for participant registration.

  5. Race must begin at agreed upon time.

  6. The Event host is responsible for all actions of individuals in the event. If university policies or guidelines are not followed, the reservation will be terminated. In addition, this may cause penalties and/or loss for future reservations.

  7. If an Event host is not university affiliated, they must provide a liability insurance policy with at least $1 million dollars of coverage. Proof of insurance must be provided before approval.

Step 3: The host organization will be contacted by the Events Team before approval. All events will be approved or denied in writing. Additional operational meetings are required. Event will be canceled upon failure to attend scheduled meetings.  

Venue fee

Botanical Gardens– $250 for affiliated organizations; $500 for unaffiliated organizations.

Administrative Race fee: All events will be assessed a $150 administrative fee from Campus Recreation. 

Police fee: City of Clemson ($37.50+2 hour minimum) and CUPD ($37.50+2 hour minimum) cost per officer 

Also consider:

  • Athletic Trainer: $20 (if requested and available on race day)

  • Custodial staff: $20 (if deemed necessary by event coordinator)

Equipment rentals: (varies)

  • Must make cancellations in writing at least 14 days prior to the event.

  • No refunds for reservations not properly canceled.

  • Campus Recreation staff will make decisions for weather related cancellations up to 24 hours in advance. No fees will be charged to the organization. 

  • The university has final rights to cancel or change any reservation.