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Clemson Parking and Transportation Services

E-Learning Instruction Parking & Transit Impacts


Parking rules and regulations are still in effect during the e-learning instruction period. However, enforcement will be focused on public safety such as illegal parking in Fire Lanes, Handicapped Spaces and Vehicles Not Parked in a Marked Space that are obstructing traffic flow or the use of sidewalks.

Select allowances are being made to assist with campus mobility for essential student personnel.

  • As is typically done at the end of the May semester, all students with active parking permits are valid in all student spaces. That means that Clemson resident students who are authorized to be on campus can park in any orange commuter spaces on campus
  • In an effort to help support our graduate assistant/research assistants carry out their important and essential roles on campus, supplemental permits are available. Instructions available here.


Below is a summary of the transit schedule changes associated with e-learning period effective immediately until further notice. Additional updates will be provided as the University progresses through its reopening plan.

The following routes are currently not operating: 

  • Nighttime Tiger Transit Service
  • Bridge & Bridge West Route
  • Park-N-Ride East and West Routes
  • Campus Commuter Lot Routes (Orange, Purple, Blue)
  • Perimeter Route
  • Tiger Commute Route
  • CU Nursing Route
  • Research Park Route

CATBUS RED ROUTE: The Red Route is operating on its summer schedule. View the Red Route schedule here.

OTHER CATBUS ROUTES: Please see CATbus's website for schedule information on the other community routes they offer.

GREENLINK ROUTE 602 - Woodruff Rd Connector: This route is operating hourly from now until August 1 when it resumes its normal 30 minute service.

OTHER GREENLINK ROUTES: Buses are operating as usual. Please see Greenlink's website for schedule information on the community routes they offer.