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Parking and Transportation Services

Low Emission Vehicles (LEV)

Clemson University faculty and staff who are current permit holders with vehicles qualifying as low-emission vehicles or electric vehicles are eligible to purchase an LEV or EV permit and park in LEV reserved spaces on campus.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Parking Permits



LEV Reserved Spaces and Permits

This program is not limited to hybrid vehicles. Many types of vehicles dating back to the 2004 model year are considered low emission.

The program is only open to Clemson University faculty and staff who are current permit holders.

The cost of the LEV permit will be the same as a normal employee parking permit. The normal $6 fee to exchange a parking permit will apply to initially enroll in the LEV program.

How to know if your car qualifies

On the EPA website, select your model year, vehicle class and make. Please leave the "state" dropdown as all states. If your car appears in the created list (make, model, and engine must match), then your car qualifies for the program.

How to get an LEV permit

  1. Determine if your car meets LEV standards.
  2. Download and complete your application.
  3. Make note of your vehicle’s engine size (4cyl., 6cyl. or 8cyl.) and type of transmission (automatic/manual).
  4. Complete your application at the Parking and Transportation Services office located at 310 Klugh Avenue Suite B. All documents must be brought in. Emailed materials will not be accepted.

LEV Reserved Space Locations

  • Hendrix Student Center (E-01) - 9 spaces  
  • Lee Hall (E-03) - 5 spaces
  • Fike (E-05) - 13 spaces  
  • Sikes Hall (E-6) - 20 spaces  
  • Administrative Services - 2 spaces 
  • West Fike (E-14) - 2 spaces 
  • Tennis Complex (E-31) - 1 space 
  • Calhoun Drive (in front of Riggs) - 2 spaces 
  • Jersey Lane - 2 spaces 
  • Ravenel Center- 1 space 
  • South Palmetto Boulevard (in front of Lowry) - 3 spaces