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Parking and Transportation Services

Electric Vehicles (EV)

Clemson University faculty, staff and students who are current permit holders with vehicles qualifying as electric vehicles are eligible to purchase an EV permit and park in EV reserved spaces while actively charging. EV permit holders can also parking in LEV reserved spaces on campus.

This program is open to faculty, staff, and students who are current permit holders. When not parked in an EV space, permit holders should park according to their permit regulations


Charging Locations

  1. P-06 (1 NACS, 1 J1772)
  2. C-03 (2 NACS, 2 J1772)
  3. E-31 (3 NACS, 3 J1772)
  4. E-27 (1 NACS, 1 J1772, 2 Level 1's)
  5. E-01 (1 NACS, 1 J1772)
  6. E-22 (2 NACS, 2 J1772)
  7. R-06 (4 Level 1's)
  8. R-02 (1 NACS, 1 J1772)
  9. P-07 (2 NACS, 2 J1772, 7 Level 1's)


Use the Tesla App

Download and create an account in the Tesla app to see real time availability, check in at the chargers around campus by scanning the QR code located on the side of the charger, and see charging speeds/rates. Please note that when creating an account it will require payment information but there is no charging fee when using Clemson Universities chargers as our rate is set at $0.00 per kWh.

Tesla app icon

Electric Vehicle Permits

Permit Cost

The cost of the EV permit will be the same as a normal parking permit (employee, commuter, or resident) plus a $26 surcharge. The standard $6 fee to exchange a parking permit will apply to initially enroll in the EV program.

There is a four hour charging limit on all Level 2 EV charges in employee lots.

How to get an EV permit

  1. Download and complete the application.
  2. Make note your vehicle’s engine size as "other" on the form.
  3. Complete your application at the Parking and Transportation Services office located at 310 Klugh Avenue Suite B. All documents must be brought in. Emailed materials will not be accepted.

Charging Port Types

Level 1 Chargers

Level 1 Charging stations requires personal charging hardware. No charging limit.

Level 2 NACS Chargers

Level 2 NACS charging stations are white across campus. Four hour charging limit in employee lots.
Level 2 J1172 Charger

Level 2 J1772 Charger

Level 2 J1772 chargers are black across campus. Four hour charging limit in employee lots.