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Parking and Transportation Services

Vendor, Subcontractor and Construction Parking Permits

Vendor Parking

With construction booming across campus, we will be assigning parking areas for vendors. There is now an application and approval process for all vendors that need a permit for longer than one week.

Vendors must be registered with the Clemson University Procurement Office to qualify for a vendor parking permit. As always, vehicles parked inside a construction fence are not required to display a University parking permit.

Parking will be assigned in one of the following areas:

  • Service Vehicle spaces with a two-hour limit - Permits are $220 annually. $50 per month. $8 per day.
  • Loading/Unloading zones with a two-hour limit - Permits are $220 annually. $50 per month. $8 per day.
  • Employee and/or other parking spaces or areas as assigned - Permits are $220.
  • Metered parking is also available subject to posted limits provided the permit is displayed and your time is paid for.

Please complete the Vendor Permit Application to apply for a permit(s). Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will be notified to come to our office to purchase and pick up your new permit(s). A method of payment (cash, credit or check) is required in order to receive your permits.

Subcontractor and Construction Worker Parking

Subcontractors will be required to purchase the construction permits that are only valid for parking in P-4 or they may borrow the vendor permit(s) from their approved vendor. Permits are $97 valid Aug 16, 2023-Aug. 15, 2024, or $30.50 per month with a start date based on the date of purchase.

Subcontractors and construction workers should complete the Parking Permit Application to apply for a permit(s).

Need to Park Temporarily to Load or Unload a Vehicle? 

You can park in a metered space or come to Parking & Transportation Services and receive a one-hour Loading/Unloading zone permit. Meters must be paid to park. You may obtain temporary permission after business hours from the University Police Department by calling 864-656-2222.