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Parking and Transportation Services

Parking Permits

Permit Types Available

  • Student Permits

    We offer a variety of student permit options, including resident, commuter, Park-N-Ride permits, carpool, motorcycle/moped and temporary one-day permits.  

    Student Parking Permits
    Electric Vehicle (EV) Parking Permits
  • Employee Permits

    Employee permits are for faculty and staff at Clemson University. We offer Park-N-Ride, virtual permits, carpool, motorcycle/moped and temporary parking permits.  

    Employee Parking Permits
    Employee LEV Parking Permits
    Electric Vehicle (EV) Parking Permits
  • Park-N-Ride Permits

    Commuter students, faculty and staff can purchase a Park-N-Ride permit for just $50 rather than purchasing a standard commuter or employee permit. This option involves parking in specific locations and riding a bus to your desired location on campus.  

    Park-N-Ride Details

    Purchase a Park-N-Ride Permit

  • Carpool Program and Permits

    Groups of two or more students or employees can form a carpool group and obtain a FREE carpool parking permit.  

    Carpool Permits

  • Disability-Access Parking Permits

    Anyone who displays a state-issued disability parking permit to park on the campus of Clemson University is required to register the permit with the Parking Services Office prior to use on campus.  

    Students, faculty, staff and vendors are required to purchase and display a campus parking permit even when displaying a disability-access parking permit.  

    The request to register the state-issued permits prior to use is expected to reduce the incident of unauthorized use, thereby increasing the availability of disability-access parking space by legitimate users.  

    Please contact the office in person, by phone at 864-656-2270 or email us at to register your ADA permit. 

  • Contract Employee Permits

    Employees of primary service contractors to Clemson University (i.e., Aramark, ABM and Ricoh) can purchase employee permits with proper documentation. Contract employees work at Clemson University but are not directly hired by the University.  

    Contract Employee Parking Permits
  • Vendor and Subcontractor Permits

    There is now an application and approval process for all vendors that need a permit for longer than one week. 

    Vendor Permits

    Subcontractors will be required to purchase the construction permits that are only valid for parking in P-4, or they may borrow the vendor permit(s) from their approved vendor. 

    Subcontractor Permits

  • Visitor Permits

    A visitor is a guest at Clemson University’s campus who is not enrolled or employed by the University in any manner. Visitors who bring cars to campus must park their vehicles in accordance with the campus parking rules and regulations. 

    Visitor permits are available for purchase online seven days a week and online after hours at the Clemson University Police Department located at 124 Ravenel Center Place.  

    Visitor Parking Permits
  • Special Event and Departmental Guest Permits

    University employees can reserve event parking spaces online. Event parking and department guest parking space reservations require advanced notice, so please read details carefully when preparing for a special event or guest. 

    Special Event and Department Guest Parking
  • Football Game Permits

    Fans without IPTAY memberships can purchase single-game general admission football parking passes for use in the C-1 or P-8 lot online before game day or when they arrive at the lot to park.

    General Admission Game Day Permits
Several cars in a parking lot.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Employee and resident student parking permits are now virtual permits powered by LPR. Rather than displaying a physical permit on the vehicle, employees and resident student license plates will now function as their parking permits. Parking permits are still required to park a car on campus, so ensure that you keep your account, specifically your vehicle license plate number, up to date.  

Because your license plate is your permit, you are asked to park your vehicle with the license plate clearly visible. If you need to back into a parking space and do not have a matching front license plate, please contact Parking and Transportation Services at  


  • What is LPR?

    LPR is an integrated system of cameras and software, which is placed on top of Parking and Transportation Services parking enforcement cars to scan vehicle license plates. Once a plate is scanned and read by the software, the plate information is sent to the secured parking database for validation. This happens in real-time, allowing the enforcement officers to patrol and cover the entire campus multiple times per day. When a scanned license plate number is not associated with a valid parking permit, the parking enforcement officer is prompted to investigate further and potentially issue a parking citation. 

  • What if I do not have a permanent state-issued license plate on my vehicle?

    You can still purchase your permit. If you do not have a permanent state-issued license plate (i.e., a state-issued temporary plate) for your vehicle, for the state, select the state that issued the temporary permit. For the license plate number, enter the alpha-numeric characters on plate excluding dashes "-" and spaces. 

    After you receive your permanent state-issued license plate, you will need to email with the year, make, model, color and new license plate number. A customer service rep will update your vehicle's record and send you a confirmation when it has been updated. 

  • What if I do not have a temporary state-issued license plate on my vehicle?

    You can still purchase your permit. If you do not have a temporary state-issued license plate (i.e., a dealer plate) for your vehicle, for the state, select "Missing Plate/VIN.” For the license plate, enter the last 10 characters of your VIN number. Next, you will be asked to enter your entire VIN#. When you receive your new license plate, you will need to contact Parking and Transportation Services to update your license plate. 

  • What are the customer service benefits?
    • Eliminates any concerns of permits being lost or stolen in the mail. 
    • There will be no physical permit to lose. 
    • No permit to place on your vehicle. 
    • No $25 permit replacement fee if a permit is lost. 
    • For a new car, there is no $6 permit exchange fee. 
    • Entering license plate information is user-driven to help ensure accurate entry. 
  • Why is this environmentally friendly?
    • Eliminates the production of vinyl/plastic coated type permits. 
    • Eliminates disposal of expired permits. 
    • Eliminates permit delivery and associated carbon emissions. 
White hybrid vehicle with cameras on top for License Recognition.