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Eating Disorders Program

Effective treatment for clients who have eating disorders involves a multidisciplinary approach where professionals from many health-related disciplines meet regularly with these clients. Our treatment team typically includes a medical doctor, psychiatrist psychologist, nutritionist and counselor who meet weekly to coordinate your care when you present with eating disorders and consent to medical, psychological and/or nutritional treatment.

Services may include

  • individual and group psychotherapy;

  • nutritional counseling;

  • regular medical and psychiatric evaluations.

Outpatient treatment can be quite effective, but in some cases you might need inpatient services to ensure your health and safety and to recover optimally. The team evaluates your progress weekly and makes such recommendations when appropriate. The team can consult with other professionals and your family members only with your written permission, as mandated by law. Should the team recommend that you pursue inpatient treatment, we will be glad to assist you by providing appropriate inpatient treatment referrals.