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Groups and Workshops

CAPS Groups and Workshops

CAPS, as part of its clinical service delivery, offers a variety of therapy/support groups to assist Clemson University students. The group modality allows us to capitalize on the fact that many of the issues with which college students contend, occur in a social setting; thus, group therapy is an ideal form of therapy. In addition, students can participate in workshops to learn specific skills for managing depression and anxiety. CAPS is very responsive to students’ needs and can develop other groups as needed. We are open to suggestions.


This therapy group offers participants the opportunity to work on their individual concerns in a group setting. Each group member defines their desired area of growth and the group setting lends itself for participants to learn and practice emerging skills, share experiences, take risks and gain confidence. One learns to trust and be trusted. Care is taken to challenge group members while providing much support. 

Identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered can be challenging at times. Are you worried about telling others or having others find out? If you are experiencing any problems or concerns related to being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or questioning and would like to talk to others dealing with similar issues in a safe environment, this support group can help.

Skills learning is the focus of this group. Through a series of four modules, you will systematically learn skills that will help you accept yourself while challenging yourself to change. You learn skills in mindfulness and skills to tolerate emotional distress without letting it overwhelm you. Then, you learn skills to regulate your emotions and to increase your interpersonal effectiveness. Students in this group will also be involved in individual therapy concurrently. The time commitment in session is 2.5 hours/week. 



Choices is a group for students whose use of alcohol or other drugs has impacted their life functioning or interfered with accomplishing their goals. This group provides information and promotes dialogue about substance use and making responsible choices.



Catalyst is a group for students who drug use has resulted in problems in their life on an academic, personal and/or judicial level. Group sessions focus on triggers to using, increasing social support and positive activities, and decreasing risk of future problems.



Changes is a group for students whose use of alcohol and/or other drugs has resulted in problems in their life on an academic, personal and/or judicial level. This group involves discussion about how the use of alcohol and/or other drugs impacts their lives, how to abstain or moderate from their use.  Issues related to personal growth and wellness are also addressed.

This trauma-focused group offers participants an opportunity for recovery from complex and developmental traumas. Many survivors feel that all hope for healing is lost; however, recovery is possible. This group focuses on help from a peer level to not only heal from trauma, but also know you’re not alone in the fight.

This group is for students who are wanting to challenge/change their relationship with perfectionism. The group will provide support, connection and new ways to cope for those who strive to be perfect. If you struggle to accept that you are human, this group is for you.

Skill Building

This trauma-focused group offers participants an opportunity to build and gain coping skills. The goal is for clients to reduce intense emotions and better regulate emotions prior to processing trauma memories


This workshop is designed to help students develop healthy coping patterns to reduce depression and anxiety symptoms and improve their mental well-being. Students will learn about causes and symptoms of depression and anxiety. They will also be taught new coping skills and practice them to aid in building self-mastery and confidence.