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About Us

Welcome to the School of Computing

Computing is facing many challenges. At Clemson, as with numerous other universities, our majors' population is exploding at the same time that many new students from other majors also seek the skills and expertise offered through our classes. At the same time, the opportunities for computing seem potentially unlimited and our research and academic goals are high. These are times when the computing community can deliver a world-changing impact.

The School

The School of Computing at Clemson offers a nationally recognized faculty that prides itself on the quality of its teaching and that is very active in a wide range of research areas. Members of the faculty have received national recognition for undergraduate curriculum design which is reflected in the school's strong curricula. Each program provides students with a broad and solid background in computer science. Graduates of our programs are well prepared and highly recruited.

We offer bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems. In addition, we offer master's degrees in Computer Science, Applied Computing, Digital Production Arts, and Biomedical Data Science & Informatics, as well as doctoral degrees in Computer Science, Human-Centered Computing, and Biomedical Data Science & Informatics. For more program-specific information, choose Undergraduate or Graduate.  

School of Computing students have 24-hour access to a diverse set of school facilities that range from workstations, graphics systems, virtual reality systems, network labs, and computer clusters.


The Mission of the Computer Science Division within the School of Computing at Clemson University is threefold:

  1. to provide the highest quality undergraduate and graduate education within the rapidly evolving field of computing,
  2. to conduct research in computing and its many application areas and
  3. to provide a resource for computing expertise to the people of South Carolina and the Nation.


We will be a leader in computer science education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We will attract superior students and faculty to fulfill our educational and scholarship responsibilities. We will be widely recognized for the high quality of our research, be it foundational, applied, or interdisciplinary in nature. Our outreach activities will result in the dissemination of valuable knowledge to the State of South Carolina and the Nation.

The School of Computing has three divisions:

  • Computer Science
  • Human-Centered Computing
  • Visual Computing