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Industry Relations

The School of Computing values establishing and maintaining connections to the industry in the Southeast and beyond via research collaboration, student project sponsors, hosting career development opportunities, or recruiting students for internships and employment.

Student Events/Recruitment/Internships

Interact Directly with Students: The School of Computing also offers opportunities to directly interact with our students through the sponsorship of career development activities.  Career development activities currently approved include:

  • After School Specials: hosting a career development opportunity (such as resume review, interview clinic, and/or information session) in the late afternoon/early evening after most classes have ended.
  • Seminar in Professional Issues: an opportunity to speak with CPSC 2910 or 4910 (Professional Issues I & II) students. This course has selected class periods in which employers may discuss their organization, backgrounds, and hiring process.

Recruiting for Full-Time Employment or Internships: If you are looking to hire graduates from the School of Computing, Clemson offers several resources.  Clemson's Michelin Career Center offers employers the opportunity to post employment and internship opportunities via ClemsonJobLink.  Visit the Career Center's Employer Relations page to find information on how to post opportunities, schedule on-campus interviews, and register for events, or contact Neil Burton at 864-656-4337 for more information.

Recruiting for Part-Time Positions: If you are looking to employ a current School of Computing student in a part-time position, you may contact Mitch Shue for information and requirements to post to our internal message board for students interested in such positions.  Generally speaking, requests should include the text that the person or organization wishes to use for recruitment (including how to apply for the position, whether the position is paid or unpaid, skills required, and responsibilities of the position).

Student Project Sponsorship

Capstone Projects: The School of Computing offers sections of CPSC 4910 (Professional Issues II) using a Capstone/Senior design format, in which companies ("clients") provide a project description, sponsor a student team, and interact with the team over the course of a semester as the students elicit requirements, develop specifications, implement, and test. Sponsors are invited to a final project presentation/demo day and may choose to pursue further interactions via summer internships or follow-on projects.

To find out more information on sponsoring a Capstone project, please contact Carrie Russell.

Research Collaboration

Working with our world-class faculty, researchers, and students offers benefits for both the School of Computing and the collaborating organization. Recent collaborators include:

  • BMW
  • Dell Corporation
  • Geisinger Healthcare System
  • Greenville Health System
  • IBM
  • Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.
  • Toyota Racing

To find out more information on how to build research connections with the School of Computing, please contact our corporate liaison, Mitch Shue.