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Steve Foulger

Steve FoulgerEndowed Chair
Materials Science and Engineering

The Foulger Research Group was formed in 1999 when Dr. Stephen Foulger took a position as an assistant professor in what was then the School of Textiles, Fiber, and Polymer Science (STFPS) at Clemson University. In those early days, the group was housed in the Sirrine Hall Laboratories on campus, but in 2005, moved out to the Advanced Materials Research Laboratories (AMRL) after their construction. AMRL is an 111,000 square foot laboratory that houses a range of state-of-the-art equipment and is located in the Clemson University Advanced Materials Center, an innovative campus and technology park located in Anderson, SC, approximately eight miles from campus. Around the same period, the Department of Ceramic Engineering and STFPS joined to become the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. As of 2008, Dr. Foulger was promoted to the rank of professor and became the Gregg-Graniteville Endowed Chair. In 2012, Professor Foulger received a joint appointment in the Department of Bioengineering in recognition of the multitude of efforts being pursued in his group that focus on bio-related science and technologies. More info.