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Membership Program

The Sonoco Institute relies on its strong industry partners to drive research and development activities, stimulate unique educational opportunities, and ensure cutting-edge laboratory infrastructure. Partner with Clemson University's Sonoco Institute through its membership program for a 3-year commitment of $30,000 (payable over 3 years).

This commitment allows the Institute to:

  • Provide professionally staffed and equipped research, development and demonstration facilities at Clemson University.
  • Ensure top-quality seminars and workshops for your employees' continuing education
  • Host interdisciplinary networking and business development events
  • Stimulate cutting-edge graduate student development
  • Continually enhance student experiences with Packaging Design and Graphics

The membership program has been designed to not only be cost-effective but also provide maximum flexibility as the provided "Tiger Buck" credits (good up to the amount of the membership fee) can be used for any of the wide arrays of services and activities provided by the Institute. Members also enjoy a discounted fee structure, scheduling priority over non-members and an invitation to the annual members-only symposium. An Executive Membership program is also available that further ensures responsiveness with off-hours guarantees and increased flexibility in credit usage. Please see the membership agreement for complete details of these programs.

Package Design & Development

  • Full suite of structural and graphic design tools
  • 3D visualization & color-managed workflow
  • Extensive prototyping capabilities
  • Knowledge of manufacturing constraints

Testing & Evaluation

  • Production-quality prepress & print machinery
  • Digital workflow and file analysis
  • Extensive color evaluation tools
  • Access to diverse analytical equipment

Research and Development

  • Labs geared for industry projects
  • Specifically recruited students and faculty
  • University practices ensure confidentiality
  • Cost-effective, focused research areas

Continuing Education and Training

  • Hands-on Practical Workshops
  • Technical Seminars
  • Online Tutorials and Webinars
  • On-Site Consulting and Educational Events

Members Only Annual Symposium

  • Technical and business development sessions
  • Student research presentations
  • Selected member presentations
  • Networking events

To join the ranks of our current members, please contact Bobby Congdon, Assistant Director, at or 864-650-2762.

Member Portal

Current Members

To join the ranks of our current members, please contact Bobby Congdon, Assistant Director, at or 864-650-2762.