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Photo of CUshopCUshop is a state-of-the-art consumer experience lab located at the Sonoco Institute. The lab is typically set up as a small grocery store in the Harris A. Smith Building at Clemson University, where students and faculty test consumer perception to product packaging using sophisticated visual and emotion-tracking technology. These behavior studies help us better understand consumer attention to packaging, in context, using the latest eye-tracking technology. CUshop is very modular and can convert to a drug store, convenience store, hardware store or auto parts store.



CUShop glasses technologyA typical study performed in CUshop includes screening participants to ensure they are in the proper test demographic, fitting and calibrating them with Tobii mobile eye-tracking glasses, prompting them to shop for several items in the store where they are to mark their selections, and then following up with a post-shopping survey to better understand their decision-making process. Data collected during the study can be statistically analyzed to detect differences in attention between various package designs tested.

To learn more or get connected to this ever-evolving program, contact Bobby Congdon at or 864-650-2762.