Student Patrol

Clemson University Police Department's Student Patrol is a student-based division of the CU Police Department. The Student Patrol is advised by program coordinator James Gowan, but have their own ranks and positions of leadership. Any enrolled student can apply to be part of the Student Patrol. Click here to fill out a Student Patrol Application.

Tiger Transit

Student Patrol also operates Tiger Transit. These students receive calls and provide rides to and from any on-campus locations. Anyone can request this service from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. Tiger Transit operates year round whenever school is in session. During peak traffic times surrounding home football games this service may not be available.

Building Security

Student Patrol takes care of walking through and locking up many building on campus. They perform this service at the request of the building's security coordinator based on building use needs.

Special Events

Student Patrol also work many special events such as athletic events, and other occasional events. When working these events the student patrol has many duties from regulating parking to escorting dignitaries. These services are available to University departments.