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Police Department

Electronic Surveillance Technology

Clemson University is dedicated to providing a safety conscious and enriched environment for its faculty, staff, students, and those visiting the campus at all times. The use of electronic surveillance technology allows the public safety department to assess trends and foresee problems, to improve their response time and investigative resources, and, in the role of a force multiplier, more effectively patrol more of the campus and better utilize resources.

At the same time, there is a need to systematically protect the privacy of the members of the campus community when using electronic surveillance technology. A unified approach regarding where, when and what types of electronic surveillance are deployed, along with a proactive approach concerning how the system is to be used and by whom, will promote effective use of this technology at the university. The university has established, and continues to develop, an enterprise-wide, centralized, electronic surveillance system to enhance safety and security. This policy is intended to create a governance and usage structure for electronic surveillance at Clemson University, which will apply to all members of its community.

Any Clemson building or department desiring to add new electronic surveillance technology should contact the Police Department’s Office of Physical Security at 864-656-5251 or Physical Security Staff will collaborate with TigerOne Project Management to initiate a plan.