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Police Department

CALEA Accreditation

"The Gold Standard in Public Safety"

Clemson University Police Department (CUPD) is an accredited agency by the National Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA). CALEA was created in 1979 as a credentialing authority through the joint efforts of law enforcement’s major executive associations, and it is reserved for use by those public safety agencies that have demonstrated excellence in leadership, resource management, and service delivery. Only 4% of the law enforcement agencies in the United States have attained the accreditation status from CALEA.

Clemson University Police Department first achieved accreditation by CALEA in 2021, signifying that the Department delivers on its public safety mission at a standard that only a few national law enforcement agencies are fortunate enough to achieve.

CALEA accreditation is a continuous process that runs in four-year cycles. As part of the re-accreditation process, CUPD undergoes a full remote-based assessment of all policies and practices for the first three years of the cycle. In the fourth year, the CALEA assessment team conducts an onsite evaluation to ensure the agency is complying with 183 recognized CALEA standards that guide professional excellence and provide best practices related to life, health, and safety procedures. This process promotes the efficient use of resources, improves service delivery, and strengthens existing procedures; all while creating a solid foundation for our agency’s future.


  • Year 1: Remote-Based Assessment
  • Year 2: Remote-Based Assessment
  • Year 3: Remote-Based Assessment
  • Year 4: On-site Assessment
  • Accreditation

CUPD  is proud of our CALEA accreditation because it demonstrates our commitment to constant improvement in the way the agency keeps the Clemson community and its officers safe.

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