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Cooperative Extension: 4-H Youth Leadership

Rabbit Project

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About the 4-H Rabbit Project

The 4-H Rabbit Project engages youth in learning life skills while working with rabbits. Project members will care for, train, and prepare their rabbits for show. Throughout the project, youth and their families will receive a project newsletter that provides valuable information to ensure success. Participants will receive show dates, deadline reminders, and rabbit related information through the project newsletter and the South Carolina 4-H Livestock Program Facebook page.

Additional Opportunities include but are not limited to: Presentation Contest, Rabbit Quiz Bowl, and Rabbit Knowledge Test.

Note that 4-H rabbit project opportunities and shows offered through local county 4-H programs may vary.

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Project Objectives

  • Set goals, plan activities, and strategies to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Reflect on their yearly work by documenting their skill development and learning experiences.
  • Give back to their communities through educational and service activities.
  • Learn valuable skills in record keeping, financial management, and written communication.
  • Gain valuable life lessons by caring and providing for their 4-H rabbits.

Project Information


  • The 2023 SC 4-H Rabbit Project is an independent project open to 4-H members ages 5-18. It is the responsibility of the youth and his/her family to secure a rabbit for the project. It does not matter what breed of rabbit you select. If you need assistance locating a rabbit, contact your regional rabbit project coordinator or your local 4-H Extension Agent. You must be registered by May 1, 2023 in order to be eligible for project awards and your rabbit must be secured by Wednesday, May 31st.

  • Participants must be age 5-18 as of January 1, 2023 and register online as a SC 4-H member (if they are not already a member). Join 4-H.

  • The registration deadline is May 1, 2023.

  • The registration fee of $20 to participate in the project includes:

    • Possible regional clinics dates and location will be announced at a later date

    • Access to Rabbit Record Book on caring for and raising rabbits into healthy adult rabbits

    • Opportunity to participate in a regional rabbit show

    • Educational opportunities including access to the Youth Academy of Livestock Learning Rabbit Modules

    • Project Newsletter

Project Expectations

  • Provide quality care of rabbits

  • All participants are encouraged to participate in a minimum of two shows

  • All participants must complete a record book

  • Additional Opportunities include but are not limited to: Presentations Contest, Rabbit Quiz Bowl, and Rabbit Knowledge Test.


February 1 - Registration Opens

May 1 - Registration Closes (Your registration and payment must be received by 4-H.)

May 18 - Rabbit Project Virtual Kick-Off @ 6:30 pm

May 31 - All participants must have rabbit.

June 1 - Project Official Start Date

November 16 - Virtual Quiz Bowl

November 20 - December 8th - Rabbit Knowledge Test

December 8 - Rabbit Presentations Due

December 31 - Project End

Record Books Due - January 5, 2024

Rabbit Project FAQs:

  • What is the sibling rule for the Rabbit Project?

    A rabbit can only be registered to be shown by two 4-Hers if the family only owns one rabbit. The 4-Hers MUST be in separate age groups. A “sibling rule” rabbit can be shown in up to two showmanship classes and one breed class per show.

  • If I miss the project deadline can I still participate in the project events?

    If you miss the May 1, 2023 deadline you may still be eligible to participate in shows and clinics, please contact your region representative.

  • What is a 4-H Sanctioned Show?

    A 4-H sanctioned show is a show that is put on by a 4-H county program, club or volunteers that meets all the following guidelines:

    • Uses the 4-H age groups (Cloverbuds ages 5 – 8, Juniors ages 9 – 13, and Seniors ages 14 – 18).

    • Classes may be combined if a show deems that registration numbers are too low for separate classes.

    • Cloverbud classes are considered a non-competitive division but participants will still receive feedback.

    • Requires youth to show only the rabbits that they have declared as their project animals on the project’s animal identification form. Project animals must be declared to the project no less than 10 days before being exhibited in their first show.

    • Will use the SC 4-H Rabbit Project Showmanship Scoresheet or the ARBA Showmanship Scoresheet.

  • What are the reporting dates for the record book?

    You may include any relevant 4-H and/or rabbit activities or events during the 2023 calendar year in your record book.

  • What is the official start/end dates for the project?

    June 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023

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If you have additional questions or need assistance, contact your local 4-H agent or your regional rabbit project coordinator at:



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