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SC Statehouse displaying Clemson flag


Class of 2023

Michelle Altman, Rural Health and Nutrition Agent, Clemson University

Yaniqua Eyabi, Family, Health, and Nutrition Agent, SC State University

Susan Lunt, Water Resources Agent, Clemson University

Charlotte (Charley) Maxwell, Agri-business Agent, Clemson University

Paris Mebane, Rural Health and Nutrition Agent, Clemson University

Alfred McIntosh, Community and Economic Development Program Coordinator, SC State University

Mark Nettles, Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent, SC State University

Freddricka Pressley, 4-H Agent, Clemson University

Shawn Smith, Family, Health, and Nutrition Agent, SC State University

EELI Cohort 3 at graduation ceremony

Class of 2022

Clemson Extension and CAFLS

Lance Beecher, Asst Extension Specialist, CAFLS

Jeremy Greene, Professor of Entomology, CAFLS

Yashia Marshall, Grants Coordinator, CAFLS

Alana West, 4-H Agent, Newberry

Chad Carter, Food Safety/Systems Associate – Charleston

Ben Boyles, Agri-business Agent – York

Guinn Wallover, Water Resources – Berkeley

Katie Altman, Water Resources Agent – Sumter

Kevin Burkett, Agri-business Extension Associate – Sandhill

Amber Starnes, Livestock Agent – Chesterfield

Jenny Mountford, 4-H Agent – Abbeville

Lauren Hood, 4-H Agent – York

Rhonda Matthews, Rural Health Extension Associate – Greenwood

William Hardee, Agronomy Agent – Horry

Sherry Davis-Livingston, 4-H Agent – Georgetown

Jason Gore, FFA/4-H Program Coordinator

Katie Shaw, 4-H Extension Associate – Sandhill

SC State 1890 Research and Extension

Renee Hall, 4-H Agent – Upstate region, SCSU

Cornelius Hamilton, 4-H Agent – Low Country region, SCSU

Sydney Keith, Extension Agent – SCSU

EELI class at the state house
Sydney Keith

“We have different perspectives, we have different types of stakeholders that we interact with — so even though we have a common goal, we just might not reach that goal the same way. It was great to see how other people approach different things and see their different viewpoints. Now, I have a whole cohort of team members who I can call if I’m in their region who will provide additional resources and support for me. ”

Sydney Keith
Innovation and Support Program Coordinator
SC State 1890 Extension

Class of 2020

Will Culler, Area Extension Agent – Agribusiness, Lexington

Amy Dabbs, Area Extension Agent – Horticulture, Charleston

Jeff Fellers, Area Extension Agent – Natural Resources, Union

Stanley Green, Extension Associate – Agribusiness, Sandhill REC

Chris Heintze, Director – T. Ed Garrison Arena, Clemson

Faith Isreal, Area Extension Agent – Food Systems and Safety, Richland

Dr. Tarana Khan, State Program Coordinator – EFNEP, Sandhill REC

Terasa Lott, State Coordinator – SC Master Gardener Program, Florence

Kim Morganello, County Extension Agent – Water Resources, Charleston

Christine Patrick, County Extension Agent – Food Systems and Safety/EFNEP, Bamberg

Brittany Flowers, County Extension Agent – Livestock and Forages, Aiken

Derrick Phinney, Natural Resources Program Team Leader, Dorchester

Jaime Pohlman, County Extension Agent – 4-H, McCormick

Jessica Simpson, County Extension Agent – 4-H, Anderson

Zack Snipes, Area Horticulture Agent – Horticulture, Charleston

Terri Sumpter, County Extension Agent – 4-H, Sumter

Richard Lee Van Vlake, Area Extension Agent – Livestock and Forages, Florence

Marlyne Walker, County Extension Agent – EFNEP Specialist, Fairfield

Patricia Whitener, County Extension Agent – 4-H, Greenville


“I got into this program because I wanted to continue to build on my foundation to be a good leader and practice that servant attitude. And I think that’s one big thing I’ve taken away from this class: To be a good leader, you need to serve others.”

Lee Van Vlake
Livestock & Forages Team Leader
Clemson Cooperative Extension
Extension Emerging Leadership Initiative
Extension Emerging Leadership Initiative | 900 Clemson Road, Columbia, SC 29229