Kim Morganello

Water Resources Extension Agent
Carolina Clear Program Coordinator
Water Resources Program Team, Charleston County Cooperative Extension Office

Office: Charleston County
Phone: 843-730-5212


 Educational Background

MS Environmental Studies
College of Charleston 2008

BS Education
Presbyterian College 2002

 Courses Taught

Master Rain Gardener
Master Pond Manager
Master Gardener
Master Naturalist
Post Construction BMP Inspector
Certificate in Native Plant Studies
From Seeds to Shoreline Teacher Training
4-H2O Exploring Lowcountry Waterways


Kim is the Assistant Program Team Leader for the Clemson Extension Water Resource Team. In this role, Kim works with the Program Team Director to support programatic efforts across the state as it relates to water and natural resources. Kim is the Coordinator of Clemson Extension's Carolina Clear program. In this role, Kim works with Extension Agents and communities around the state to address water resource pollution associated with stormwater runoff. The Carolina Clear regional approach provides stormwater outreach and involvement opportunities to communities through a strategic approach with focus on pollutants of concern. Kim also serves as the Charleston County Extension Coordinator and Master Rain Gardener Program Coordinator.

 Research Interests

Kim is interested in rainwater harvesting system design and best practices for application of harvested rainwater. Kim has worked alongside Extension Agents, Specialists and graduate students to research water quality in harvested rainwater systems and aspects of system design that may impact system success. Kim has evaluated end-user attitudes, perceptions and use of residential rainwater harvesting systems over a multi-year effort in order to gain understanding of the application of this practice. Kim has worked with Extension Specialists and Stormwater Engineers to define recommendations and design standards for residential-scale "pocket" rain gardens; resulting in guidance provided through an array of resources found at the Carolina Rain Garden Initiative website ( Kim is interested in further research and monitoring of site level infiltration practices as they relate to site conditions present in South Carolina

 Extension and Outreach

Kim specializes in landscape-level best management practices associated with managing water for water quality and quantity. In 2018, in collaboration with a team of Extension Specialists, Associates and Agents, Kim coordinated the development of Clemson Extension's Master Rain Gardener program. Master Rain Gardener is a hybrid program, includes online and field-based components, that trains participants in rain garden and rainwater harvesting system design and implementation. Kim has worked on the From Seeds to Shoreline Program since 2011, this program is a youth wetland restoration program offered in partnership with SC SeaGrant Consortium and SC Department of Natural Resources. The From Seeds to Shoreline program engages students and teachers in the stewardship of salt marsh areas; students collect, germinate and cultivate Spartina seeds to actively participate in a salt marsh restoration. Kim is an instructor for multiple Clemson Extension certification courses includi! ng Master Pond Manager, Master Gardener, Master Naturalist and Post Construction BMP Inspector. Kim has worked to design and install green infrastructure demonstration projects in areas around the state, site features include floating wetlands, rainwater harvesting systems, vegetative buffers, rain gardens, pollinator gardens and native plant landscaping


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Clemson Carolina Clear
Clemson Extension Water Resource Team
Master Rain Gardener
Life Along the Salt Marsh: Protecting Tidal Creeks with Vegetative Buffers
Best Practices for Application of Harvested Rainwater on Edibles