Policies Affecting Faculty

Faculty Affairs

Selected Policies

  • High-Risk Travel Policy

    Download Clemson University High-Risk Travel Policy Approved by University Provost – March 1, 2020

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Policy

    Download Clemson University Intellectual Property Policy Approved by Executive Leadership Team – November 21, 2016

  • Private Outside Employment

    "Private outside employment" refers to both private consulting activities and other remunerative outside activities of faculty members. "Consulting activity" is defined as professional work performed outside University auspices that is substantively related to a faculty member's area of expertise and duties at the University. "Outside activities" refers to employment or business activities (other than personal and private financial transactions) designed to enhance the income or wealth of the faculty member but not directly related to his/her area of expertise as a faculty member. Professional employment by the University clearly presumes a commitment of time and effort considerably beyond simply fulfilling such scheduled duties as meeting classes. Excessive involvement in private, outside employment of any kind must by definition have detrimental effects upon the performance of professional duties. Such lowered performance levels, by necessity, affect decisions regarding tenure, promotion and salary.

    See complete policy here: Faculty Consulting Policy

Family Support and Accommodation

Joint Appointment

Student Assessment of Instructors