VPs and College Deans

Associate Provosts, Associate VPs and Academic Deans

Amy Lawton-Rauh Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina
Amy Lawton-Rauh

Senior Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
Phone: 864-656-9867
Email: amylr@clemson.edu

Amy Lawton-Rauh serves as the Senior Associate Provost and is the senior advisor to the Provost on all matters related to faculty affairs which includes recruitment, retention, advancement, and institutional shared governance of all faculty (regular, special rank, and administrative). In collaborative leadership with other leaders in the Office of the Provost and across the institution, she supports, participates, and at times leads programs and initiatives more broadly across Academic Affairs. 

Sean Brittain
Sean Brittain

Associate Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Learning
Phone: 864-656-3942
Email: sbritt@clemson.edu

Sean Brittain serves as the lead advocate for undergraduate education by promoting and implementing engaged learning opportunities and other student success initiatives as well as ensuring access to high quality teaching and learning across the institution. Through leadership, vision, and collaboration, he directly impacts and supports the University’s strategic plan and vision to be nationally preeminent in undergraduate education.

Jeremy King
Jeremy King

Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness
Phone: 864-656-4592
Email: jking2@clemson.edu

Jeremy King is the associate provost for institutional effectiveness. Jeremy manages a portfolio that includes data-informed decision support, public- and private-sector institutional data reporting, SACSCOC accreditation, compliance with processes and policies of the SC Commission on Higher Education, and the assessment of educational programs and academic support units. Institutional Effectiveness also provides critical support for development and approval of academic programs and their modifications, academic agreements, survey administration, University data governance, the measurement and tracking of University’s strategic and tactical objectives, and continuous improvement across the institution.

John Lopes
John Lopes

Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School
Phone: 864-656-4423
Email: jmlopes@clemson.edu 

John Lopes oversees all activities within the Graduate School, including advising the provost on policy related to graduate education, overseeing all processes from application through graduation, and professional development for graduate students and faculty. He leads the Graduate School staff in working closely with academic units to support their goals and mission, developing and supporting innovative initiatives in graduate education, and evaluating and maintaining the exceptional quality of programs offered at Clemson. 

Sharon Nagy
Sharon Nagy

Associate Provost for Curriculum Innovation
Email: snagy@clemson.edu

As associate provost for curriculum innovation, Sharon leads the creation and growth of experiential learning and other novel components for Clemson's curricula while engaging with the University's Quality Enhancement Plan on experiential learning. Additionally, Sharon teaches study abroad courses, serves as chair for the Academic Council as the provost's delegate and oversees the Global Learning Institute for Faculty.

Sara Winslow
Sarah Winslow

Dean of the Honors College
Phone: 864-656-4762
Email: swinslo@clemson.edu 

Winslow is an academic and administrative leader on campus, with a focus on ensuring the Honors College plays a prominent role in advancing Clemson Elevate's strategic goals. As dean, she leads the Honors College in its focus on aligning some of the University’s biggest strengths – unrivaled research experiences, community and student life – with a focus on flexible, interdisciplinary, applied, and engaged learning.

Carla Bennett, Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina
Carla Bennett

Associate Vice President for Academic Finance
Phone: 864-656-3791
Email: cfbenne@clemson.edu

Carla Bennett is the Associate Vice-President for Academic Finance for the Clemson University Office of the Provost & Academic Affairs at Clemson University, where she currently oversees the strategic planning and resource allocation of over $600+ million dollars across our academic colleges and support units. She works closely with senior leadership to ensure the financial success of Clemson’s academic strategic priorities including viability of Clemson’s portfolio of degree programs. She is a current member of the IT Governance Group and is currently co-leading the university development and implementation of Clemson’s revenue- based budget model.

Tia Dumas, Associate Vice President for Strategic Alliances, Clemson University
Tia Dumas

Associate Vice President for Strategic Alliances
Phone: 864-656-8611
Email: tdumas@clemson.edu

Tia Dumas serves as the Associate Vice President for Strategic Alliances and is the senior advisor to the Provost on the design and implementation of strategies that promote student, faculty, and staff success in Academic Affairs. Through a shared leadership approach, Dr. Dumas collaborates with senior institutional leaders and external partners to enact the university's strategic goals, employability, and lifelong learning.

Shontavia Johnson, Associate Vice President for Academic Partnerships and Innovation, Clemson University
Shontavia Johnson

Associate Vice President for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Phone: 864-656-9591
Email: sjj7@clemson.edu

Shontavia Johnson serves as the associate vice president for entrepreneurship and innovation. In this role, she acts as a connecter between Clemson, corporate partners, businesses and other universities to help faculty, staff and students launch successful businesses. She helps the Provost create and drive strategies that link academic affairs to all parts of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

David Kuskowski, Associate Vice President, Clemson University
David Kuskowski

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Phone: 864-656-5463
Email: dkuskow@clemson.edu

The division of enrollment management, which includes the offices of the registrar, student financial aid & scholarships, and undergraduate admissions, engages with units across the institution in efforts to promote student success, access, and achievement, effectively fulfilling the University’s strategic enrollment priorities. Developing strategic enrollment targets across all academic disciplines, engagement in strategic recruitment efforts, developing and strengthening processes, procedures, and initiatives, across the student lifecycle, that facilitate student engagement and eliminate barriers to student success are the strategic spaces within which enrollment management plays a critical role.

Phil Landreth, Associate Vice President for Academic Operations, Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina
Phil Landreth

Senior Associate Vice President for Academic Operations
Phone: 864-656-4487
Email: lralph@clemson.edu

Phil Landreth is the senior associate vice president for academic operations. Phil provides executive level counsel and innovative solutions to the management of the Academic physical assets and operational resources. He supports the research and education mission of the University by collaborating with Academic Deans, Associate Deans, Vice Presidents, and Department Chairs to develop needs assessments, lead academic building initiatives and plan permanent improvement projects.


Provost Staff

Berinthia Allison, Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina
Berinthia Allison

Chief of Staff
Phone: 864-656-3940
Email: balliso@clemson.edu

Berinthia Allison is the chief of staff. Reporting to the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Berinthia oversees and directs all operational and administrative management of the Office of the Provost and serves as the provost’s advisor and delegate for staff related matters for the division and coordinates executive support for Office of the Provost leadership.

Tiger Paw
Lindsay Alexander

Strategic Project Manager
Phone: 864-656-1885
Email: lalexa8@clemson.edu

Lindsay Alexander is a Strategic Project Manager within the Office of the Provost, responsible for driving academic initiatives on behalf of the provost and the provost's leadership team.

Reporting to the Director of Academic Initiatives and Strategic Project Manager, she oversees the planning, design, and implementation of large-scale, mission-driven projects and manages the complex Office of the Provost Portfolio utilizing established project management practices.

Kim Banks
Kim Banks

Director of Communications, Academic Affairs
Phone: 864-656-9591
Email: ktbanks@clemson.edu

Kim Banks is the Director of Communications within the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs, facilitating all communication initiatives on behalf of the Provost and Academic Affairs. Reporting to the Executive Director of Operational Communications within Marketing and Communications, Kim oversees the communication planning and messaging required to facilitate large-scale, goal-centric changes allowing progress toward Clemson Elevate benchmarks. Kim serves on the Operational Communication Leadership Team within Marketing and Communications.

Wei-Huan Chen
Wei-Huan Chen

Chief of Strategy
Phone: 864-656-6440
Email: weihuan@clemson.edu

Wei-Huan Chen is the Chief of Strategy for the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, supporting the prioritization and execution of strategic goals and objectives on behalf of the Provost and the Provost Leadership Team. He translates key priorities into action plans, measures effectiveness using data, and ensures all activities align with the institutional vision.

Tiger Paw
Julie Pickett

Academic Coordinator II
Phone: 864-656-9815
Email: jthome@clemson.edu

Julie Pickett is academic coordinator for the Office of the Provost, reporting to the Chief of Staff for the Provost. She is responsible for providing executive administrative support to assigned associate provosts, associate vice presidents, and directors reporting to the Provost.

Lacy Randles, Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina
Lacy Spearman Randles

Event and Office Manager
Phone: 864-656-9595
Email: lspearm@clemson.edu

Lacy Randles is event and office manager for the Office of the Provost. Lacy provides project management and coordination of all events sponsored by the Executive Vice President and Provost. She also manages internal operations and executive level support.

Michelle Turner
Michelle Turner

Academic Affairs Personnel Coordinator
Phone: 864-656-8612
Email: kturner@clemson.edu

As the academic affairs personnel coordinator, Michelle is responsible for faculty and staff weekly and strategic hiring plans for the thirteen budget centers under the purview of the Provost. She also serves as a resource for Provost leadership in HR compliance, policies and procedures.

Katherine Vogl, Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina
Katie Vogl

Director of Academic Initiatives and Strategic Project Manager for Academic Affairs
Phone: 864-656-3243
Email: kymillr@clemson.edu

Katie Vogl is the Director of Academic Initiatives and Strategic Project Manager within the Office of the Provost. She also serves as the Academic Excellence Lead for the Office of Institutional Excellence. In both roles, she drives strategic priorities and transformational change for the institution.

Faculty Affairs

Jennifer Petersen
Jennifer Petersen

Academic Affairs Events Coordinator
Phone: 864-656-3243
Email: jfpeter@clemson.edu

Jennifer Petersen is the academic affairs events coordinator. Jennifer organizes and facilitates faculty graduation receptions, tenure and promotion celebration and the university spring awards ceremony. She also assists with university faculty orientation and department chair retreats and any other events requiring receptions.

Melissa Welborn
Melissa Welborn

Faculty Systems Administrator
Phone: 864-656-1589
Email: welbor4@clemson.edu

Melissa Welborn is faculty systems administrator. Melissa manages online and digital systems supporting faculty professional pathways, specifically operations for promotion, tenure, activity reporting, annual reviews, and teaching effectiveness. She also analyzes data used to interpret faculty recruitment, retention, and workload trends.


Presley Bellinger, Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina
Presley Bellinger

Program Coordinator II
Phone: 864-656-0424
Email: pbellin@clemson.edu

Presley Bellinger serves as the Academic Program Coordinator for the Office of the Provost. Her responsibilities include preparing the Education Policy Committee proposals for the quarterly Board of Trustees meetings, as well as other quarterly reports and data analysis projects.

Dustin Foxworth, Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina
Dustin Foxworth

Chief Business Officer
Phone: 864-656-3980
Email: dfoxwor@clemson.edu

Dustin is the Chief Business Officer for the Provost & Academic Affairs Budget Center, as well as the Clemson University Restoration Institute in Charleston, SC. He leads a team responsible for the financial support for the Office of the Provost, as well as academic and research units across campus.

Tiger Paw
Tina Jurecek

Account Fiscal Analyst II
Phone: 864-656-3247
Email: hkristi@clemson.edu

Tina Jurecek is an account fiscal analyst. Tina assists the Office of the Provost with any purchases, vouchers, IDO’s, reconcile BSR’s and PCard charges, as well as processing budget amendments, payroll corrections, journals and any other financial corrections that need to be made for units reporting to the Provost Budget Center. Tina serves as a liaison for units across campus and assist with training new fiscal employees.

Tiger Paw
Tara Long

Assistant Business Officer
Phone: 864-656-3980
Email: long@clemson.edu

Tara Long is the Assistant Business Officer within the Office of the Provost, responsible for financial management and oversight of all departments reporting up to the Office of the Provost Budget Center. Reporting to the Chief Business Officer, she oversees the planning, preparation, and implementation of departmental budgets totaling over 30 million dollars. She manages the complex Office of the Provost funding commitments to academic colleges and units throughout the university.

Chris Wood Chief Senior Financial Analyst
Chris Wood

Senior Financial Analyst
Phone: 864-656-0772
Email: wood6@clemson.edu

Chris Wood is the senior financial analyst for the office of the provost. Chris prepares detailed and high level reports and analysis at the request of the Associate Vice President for Academic Finance and Operations, Provost and other Senior Administration. Analysis areas include academic hiring, academic budgets, special programs, university lab and classroom fees, graduate tuition, grants within the Provost area as well as serving as the Academic Affairs representative to the Student Fee Committee, University Vending Committee, and other committees as requested. Chris also serves at the College/Division Post Award Grant contact for the Provost and Academic Affairs.

Hong Ye, Fiscal Analyst, Clemson University
Hong Ye

Fiscal Analyst III
Phone: 864-656-9729
Email: hye2@clemson.edu

Hong Ye is a fiscal analyst III for the Office of the Provost. Hong gathers and monitors financial data and prepares financial reports and interprets financial information. She conducts detailed budget analyses and assists with the development of budget financial models through benchmarking, and process analysis. She also analyzes and reports on current financial status.