Approval Policy for CAFLS-PSA Communications

Approval of Media Releases, Web Pages and other Messaging for PSA and CAFLS Units


Each of the PSA and CAFLS functional units have unique and specific missions within the University. Programs and projects within these units are based on the expertise of the program/project participants and their unit leaders.

The PSA Communications team is tasked with using its expertise to connect these programs/projects or announcements from the units to the public or other targeted audiences.

It is essential that media releases, Web pages etc. reflect the programs accurately and are expressions of the people conducting them. It is also essential that, when relying on external communications vehicles, the impact of our work be expressed in a manner that penetrates competitive media markets to reach the desired target audience.

To that end, effective immediately, the following protocol will be followed.

Approvals must be secured for all media releases, Web pages, announcements, etc. from the following CAFLS/PSA administrators prior to release or publication by the PSA Communications Team:

Extension: The Director of Extension or designee(s)*

Experiment Station: The Experiment Station Director or designee(s)

LPH: The LPH Director or designee(s)

Regulatory Services: The Director of Regulatory Services or designee(s)

Water Resources Center: The Director of the Water Resources Center or designee(s)

SC Botanical Gardens: Interim Director – George Askew

Clemson Experimental Forest: Forest Manager – Russell Hardee

Wood Utilization + Design Institute: Director – Pat Layton

Academic programs: The Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies or designee(s)

CAFLS College level communications: The Dean of CAFLS or designee(s)

VP PSA Office: The VP for PSA or designee(s)

CAFLS/PSA Administrators or their unit designees must be prepared to respond to requests for approval according to reasonable deadlines set by Communications Team members. Units may be asked by the Communications Team to develop verbiage, photographs or other graphics that reflect the message they are seeking to convey.

The final decision on factual content, direct quotes, representative photos or graphics is the responsibility of the unit leader or designee.

Disagreements between the Communications Team and the unit leaders due to formatting, timing or other issues associated with distribution of articles, announcements or posting of Web pages will be resolved by the VP for PSA with regard to Regulatory Services, LPH and by the Dean of CAFLS for Extension, Experiment Station and academic programs.

*CAFL/PSA Administrators may specify multiple unit designees to review and approve releases and/or publications. For example, the Experiment Station Director may designate each REC Director as a reviewer/approver for the information pertinent to their REC unit, etc.

Download the Approval Policy for CAFLS-PSA Communications (PDF)