List of Communications Approvers

CAFLS/PSA Media Releases Policy – Administrators and Designee(s)


Extension: Director of Extension – Tom Dobbins

Designees: Program Team Leaders

4-H Youth Development – Pamela Ardern

Agribusiness – Nathan Smith

Agricultural Education – Billy Keels

Agronomic Crops – Jay Crouch

Food Systems and Safety – Kimberly Baker

Horticulture – S. Cory Tanner

Livestock and Forages – Matthew Burns

Natural Resources – Derrick Phinney

Rural Health and Nutrition – Michelle Parisi


T. Ed Garrison Arena – Chris Heintze

Academic Programs: Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies – Jean Bertrand

Designees: Academic Department Chairs

Agricultural Sciences – Charles Privette

Animal and Veterinary Sciences – Charles Rosenkrans

Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences – J. Keith Bertrand

Forestry and Environmental Conservation – J. Todd Petty

Plant and Environmental Sciences – Carlyle Brewster

Experiment Station: Experiment Station Director – Paula Agudelo

Designees: Academic Department Chairs (see list above) and REC Directors

Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology and Forest Science – Skip Van Bloem

Coastal Research and Education Center – Chris Ray

Edisto Research and Education Center – Chris Ray

Pee Dee Research and Education Center – Matt Smith

Sandhill Research and Education Center – Kathy Coleman

Piedmont Research and Education Center – Matt Hersom

Livestock Poultry Health: LPH Director – Boyd Parr

Regulatory Services: Director of Regulatory Services – Steve Cole

Water Resources Center: Director of the Water Resources Center – Jeff Allen

SC Botanical Gardens: Interim Director – George Askew

Clemson Experimental Forest: Forest Manager – Russell Hardee

Wood Utilization + Design Institute: Director – Pat Layton

CAFLS/PSA Development: Director of Development & Unit Lead – Tyler Cornwell

CAFLS College Level Communications: Dean of CAFLS – Keith Belli

VP PSA Office: Vice President for PSA – George Askew

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