Sample Preparation

  1. All solid waste samples must be submitted to the lab in the lab sample bags
  2. Bottles are available for lagoon samples. 
  3. Laboratory numbers are assigned to the sample submission form and the data sheet.  The lab numbers are written on the sample bags and bottles with a sharpie. The first digit of the lab number is 3. The next two digits are the month. The last four digits are the sample number for the year.
  4. Since animal waste has an odor and is a bio-safety hazard it must be handled either in a bio-safety cabinet or under a hood. Special training is required for the handling of animal waste samples.
  5. For solid waste samples, check analyses desired on data sheet.  Record tare weight of paper bag.  Add 100 - 200 g sample, weigh, and record wet weight.  Place in the oven to dry at 80oC overnight. Place remainder of sample in the refrigerator for ammonium-nitrogen.  Record dry weight in morning. Grind for other analyses.
  6. For lagoon samples, record tare weight of 150 mL beaker. Mix sample in container then pour appropriate amount into the beaker and record wet weight. Dry in oven at 80oC. Record dry weight. Place fresh unused portion of lagoon sample into refrigerator for analyses. Check analyses desired on data sheet. An "A" must be written on the form next to the lab number since the sample is analyzed "as-is". (The "A" must be entered in DEMENU.)