Submitting Feed & Forage Samples for Analysis

Use our lab supplies for all samples and submit samples with our supplies only to our lab.

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The sample submitted must be representative of the feed or forage to be fed if the analysis is to be of value. About a quart of sample is needed.

  1. Hay Samples. Sample each cutting or batch of hay separately. Take samples from the inside of 10 to 20 small bales or 3 to 4 large bales and combine these for the final sample. Place final sample in plastic bag and seal with a twist tie.
  2. Silage Samples. Take a handful of silage from 10 to 20 random locations over the vertical exposed surface in trench or bunker silos. Mix samples thoroughly in a bucket and fill plastic bag. For upright silos with mechanical unloader, take samples as the silage is being fed.
  3. Mixed feed and grain. If feeds are uniformly mixed, the sample may be taken from any area in the lot. Grain and bulk feeds are easier to sample with a grain sampling probe. Place about  to 1 pint in a plastic bag and seal with a twist tie.