Determination of ADF-N -- Bound Protein


  1. ADS - see page 20 for ADF determination.

Apparatus - see page 20.


  1. Weigh out 0.500 g sample into a filter bag.
  2. Use procedure for ADF determination (page 20).
  3. Dry in oven at 100oC.
  4. Place filter bag with sample into digestion tube. Run a blank (an empty filter bag) before the sample. Determine % N by following Kjeldahl procedure (page 12) with this exception: add 3 Kjeltab tablets and 18 mL H2S04.
  5. Distill sample using procedure (page 14). (Press Blank Value on control unit before running blank. This will automatically subtract the blank value from the samples.)
  6. Record values with two decimals.


  1. %N = 14.01 X N H2S04 X (mL acid used - mL acid for blank)/(sample wt (g) x 10)