Determination of % FAT (Ether)


  1. Pet Ether (BP 35 - 65 degrees C)


  1. ANKOM XT15
  2. Analytical Balance
  3. Oven
  4. Ankom Fat filter bags
  5. Heat sealer
  6. Marking pen
  7. Desiccant Pouch


  1. If the sample is > 20 % fat, refer to the manual, else continue.
  2. Label filter bag and weigh into spreadsheet.
  3. Weigh ~ 1 g of sample into the bag and enter sample weight into spreadsheet (W1).
  4. Heat seal the bag closed within 4 mm of the top.
  5. Place samples in the drying oven for 3 hrs at 105 degrees C.
  6. Cool the dried samples in the Desiccant Pouch, weigh and enter the weight into the spreadsheet (W2).
  7. Place filter bags with sample into the bag holder and place in the extractor.
  8. Proceed according to the extraction instrument instructions.
  9. When the extraction is complete, place the samples in the oven for 30 minutes.
  10. Cool in the Pouch and Weigh into spreadsheet (W3).


  1. %FAT = 100 x (W2 - W3)/W1

Quality Control

  1. Analyze AAFCO check sample along with each set.