Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement

The purpose of the analytical section of the Agricultural Service Laboratory is to provide information and analytical testing for soil, plant tissue, feed and forage, animal waste, irrigation water, and compost samples. Individual clients, commercial dealers, Extension Agents, Extension Specialists, and researchers may submit samples to the laboratory. The mission is accomplished by:

  1. Operating analytical analysis laboratories.
  2. Providing a high level of analytical precision and accuracy by ensuring quality control.
  3. Participating in national and regional samples exchange programs.
  4. Organizing a record keeping, data processing and reporting section.
  5. Providing timely results to the clients.
  6. Providing clients with lime and fertilizer recommendations based on soil tests.


  1. To provide assistance and educational information to clients.
  2. To enhance public relations.
  3. To utilize new or improved techniques, methods, and instrumentation for analytical analyses.
  4. To maintain updated lime and fertilizer recommendations.
  5. To enforce laboratory safety guidelines.