How to Complete Forms

Completely fill in all requested information at the top of the page.

  1. Account: This seven block space is for your account code. The county Extension office collecting the fees for samples must enter the account code for that county office. Researchers should enter their personal computer user ID. Other accounts should enter their seven-digit account number. This is a mandatory fill field if you have an account. If you're including payment with the sample sent directly to the lab leave this space blank.
  2. If you have a personal account, you will receive an email notification when your reports are ready.
  3. Copy to Email: If you would like someone else to be able to access the report on the web, enter his or her email address in the 30-block field. If you submit your sample through the county office and include your personal email address here, the county will have web access to your report.
  4. Sample ID: Enter your sample identification number/label in the blocks provided. Make sure that the sample ID on the sample bag or bottle matches the sample ID on the form for every sample submitted.

If using the form for:

  1. Animal Waste: Check type of manure and storage. Fill out one form per sample.
  2. Compost: Check type of compost and intended use. Fill out one form per sample.
  3. Feed & Forage: Check animals to be fed and type of feed. Fill out one form per sample.
  4. Irrigation Water: Check intended water use. Fill out one form per sample.
  5. Plant Tissue: Enter crop codes. One form can be used for 15 samples.
  6. Soil: Enter soil and crop codes. One form can be used for 8 samples.

Analyses: Check the appropriate box(es) for the analyses desired. Write in the fee for that sample. (The fees will be carried out automatically if using the computer to enter information.)

Total Amount Due: Add up the total amount due at the bottom of the sheet. (The fees will be added automatically if using the computer.) If paying by check enter your check number. Make checks payable to Clemson University.

Deliver samples, completed record sheets, and payment to the lab or your county Extension Agent's office for shipment to the lab. Completed forms must accompany samples to the lab.

Hard Copies of Reports: If you do not have a personal account or have not included an email address in the copy to email space you will receive a hard copy from the lab. The county office is responsible for sending all additional copies if requested.

The form can be filled out with the computer or you can print off as many blank copies as you need to fill out by hand.