Soil Codes

SC Soil Code Map

Code 1: Sandy, coarse-textured soils where the depth to the clay layer is greater than 40 inches.  These soils are sands or loamy sands throughout with no obvious change in soil texture to a depth greater than 40 inches.

Code 2: Coarse loamy textured soils where the depth to the clay layer is 20 to 40 inches.  The surface materials are sands or loamy sands to a depth of 20 inches and not more than 40 inches.  Underlying materials and sandy loams, sandy clay loams and clay loams.

Code 3: Fine loamy soils.  The depth to the clay layer is less than 20 inches.  Surface soil materials are mostly loamy sands, sandy loams and fine sandy loams to a depth of less than 20 inches.  Subsoil materials are sandy clay loams, clay loams, silt loams and silty clay loams.  A subsoil test for potassium, magnesium and sulfur would be helpful when making a fertilizer recommendation for these soils.

Code 4: Clay on surface.  Surface soils are mostly sandy loams, fine sandy loams, silt loams and clay loams.  Subsoils are clay, sandy clays silty clays and heavy clay loams.

Code 5: Subsoil samples – top 4 inches of clay layer.

Code 6: Organic soils.  Soils from Carolina Bays and soils with greater than 10 percent soil organic matter.