Services for Turfgrass Management

Soil Testing

Benefits of Soil Testing

Soil testing is a service provided for the turfgrass industry of South Carolina as a tool to help in decisions related to fertilizer and lime applications.  It provides a scientific basis for maintaining optimum soil fertility levels and proper soil pH values.  Soil testing also protects against the expense and environmental hazards resulting from excessive fertilizer applications.

Sampling Information

Instructions for taking and submitting soil samples for analysis by the Agricultural Service Laboratory are found on the soil bag.  Record Sheets are available online or at your county Cooperative Extension office.  Proper sampling is important to ensure representative soil test results and proper fertilizer recommendations.  We recommend annual soil testing.


Results and Recommendations

Upon completion of the analysis, a report with the plant nutrient levels and fertilizer and lime recommendations will be returned to you by mail or email. Recommendations will be made for the type of grass listed on the Record Sheet and will include comments on cultural practices or other specific recommendations.  If you have any questions regarding the results or recommendations, your county Extension agent can help you.

Plant Tissue Analysis

Benefits of Tissue Analysis

Plant tissue analysis can be a valuable guide for assessing fertility management problems such as micronutrient deficiency or toxicity.

Sampling Information

Contact the lab or your local county Extension office for information regarding correct sampling procedures for the particular type of grass you want analyzed.

Analysis Results

The analysis report, which will be returned to you by mail or email, will contain your analytical results and the specific nutrient sufficiency ranges for most types of grasses submitted.  Sufficiency ranges, however, have not been established for many types of grasses.  Comparing the laboratory results from a healthy sample with the results from an unhealthy sample is helpful in situations where sufficiency ranges are not available or cannot be used.  Your Extension agent will help you with the proper sampling method and interpretation of your results.


Irrigation Water Analysis

Benefits of Irrigation Water Analysis

Irrigation water can be tested where a problem with salinity is suspected.  Managers who would also like to check the plant nutrient content of their water or pinpoint a specific element that may be causing a toxicity problem due to excessive levels can also benefit from an irrigation water analysis.  This service is not intended for assessing water for drinking purposes.  The county Extension office will provide you with sampling guidelines and assistance for interpretation of results.