Commercial - If you apply restricted use pesticides, or if you apply any pesticide in Categories 3, 5, 7a, 7b, or 8 to another person’s property as part of your job and/or for compensation, you are a Commercial Applicator and must be licensed in the state of South Carolina.

Non-commercial - Pesticide applicators who are employed by a Government agency (state, county, federal, local municipality, need to apply for a non-commercial applicators license.

Business - At this time, only persons wishing to open a business that will perform any activity in Category 7A are required to have a Business License through the Department of Pesticide Regulation.

Reciprocal - South Carolina offers reciprocal licensing with 13 states.  This means that applicators in any of those 13 states who hold a license in an equivalent category (or categories) to South Carolina may obtain a South Carolina Pesticide Applicator’s License by filling out the Application for Reciprocal License and paying the applicable fee.

Private - To be certified as a private applicator, you must be at least 18 years-old, complete an application form, complete the proper training and pass an exam, and pay the pro-rated portion of the fee for the remainder of the five-year certification block in which the license is being issued.

Dealer - Pesticide dealers are individuals who are licensed to distribute restricted use pesticides.  Each location from which restricted use pesticides are sold must have a separate person who is licensed as a pesticide dealer.